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Recently a user found that an email with an Attachment when Files into iManage/Worksite did not show the “Attachment” icon . e.g the below email actually had an attachment

More research shows that anything filed using the “ThinClient” , which is users Dragging and Dropping emails into iManage using Desksite instead of using the the EMM Toolbar

Has this problem. The workaround is to use Outlook to File Items instead of Desksite

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The compact is the recommendation from iManage Support. Ideally, you can stop connector and the ingestion due to it not being used anymore and start the services after DRECOMPACT

You will need 30% free disk space to run DRECompact Successfully.



  1. Stop Worksite Connector and Work Ingestion Server services
  2. Expand Content Engine disks to a point that there is more than 30% capacity free 
  3. Run a DRECOMPACT task against both engines

    Make a note of the INDEXID number returned to your browser.
  4. Wait until completed


  5. You can monitor the status from the IndexerBrowser

    “The compaction is complete when the IndexerGetStatus action reports that the job (INDEXID number) is finished (status=-1, description = Finished).”


  1. Restart the Connector and Ingestion Server services once the job has completed and the content engine disks are looking a little emptier


To set up a schedule for compaction

  1. Open the Content server configuration file in a text editor.
  2. Find the [Schedule] section. If the configuration file does not contain a [Schedule] section, add one.
  3. Set the following parameters in the [Schedule] section:



Type true to enable a compacting schedule.



The time (hh:mm) when you want the Compact operation to start.



The number of hours between DRECOMPACT operations. Specify the time in the 24-hour clock and the format hh:mm. When you start WorkSite Indexer, the specified CompactInterval must elapse (after the specified CompactTime) before the first  DRECOMPACT

operation takes place. Type 0 to schedule daily compactions.


For example:






This configures a compaction every 168 hours (once a week) at 1:00 a.m.


      1. Save and close the configuration file.
      2. Restart the Content server for your changes to take effect.
      3. Repeat Step 1 to Step 5 for all your Content servers.


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Here are the steps to change the owner of Workspace/Folder in Worksite 10

–To change the owner of a Workspace/Folder, first we need to find the prj_id of the Workspace/Folder 

select * where prj_name LIKE ‘%FOLDER\WORKSPACE_NAME%’

–To change it to a different owner…

update mhgroup.projects set prj_owner = ‘NEW_USERID’ where prj_id = ‘WORKSPACE_ID’

After changing the owner of the workspace, the author in the docmaster table for this workspace needs to change as well. The owner is still shown as the old one, but after updating the author, the new owner should appear on the workspace profile.

Please run the following additional query:

– update mhgroup.docmaster set author =’new userID’ where docnum = ‘you can get this from the query below ‘

–also, to change the underlying Workspace/Folder document’s owner update mhgroup.docmaster set operator = ‘NEW_USERID’, author = ‘NEW_USERID’ where docnum = ‘DOCNUM’

Please test this against a backup copy of the database. Also make sure you backup the database before running this against production database.

To find the docnum of a workspace: select * from mhgroup.projects where prj_name = ‘Exact Name of Workspace’ and subtype = ‘work’

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  • Hang on Receiving Emails
  • Delay or Hang when typing
  • Inbox Filer

Fixed in 9.3.1 and later (NT-53826)
Process threads are now set with a lower priority to improve desktop client performance


  • Hang on Sending emails
  • Hang on launch of Outlook
  • Outlook not responding in Outlook Title bar
Sent Filer

Pre 9.3.2:
Disable Sent Filer on client ( Disable Sent Filer = TRUE)
Sent Filer disabled by default
Removed Inbox and Sent Filers
Install CSAR 2300v2 on WCSE 9.3.1


  • Hang on scrolling Inbox
  • Delay when using arrows
  • Delay on Send
  • Delay when clicking inside
  • EMM toolbar
Suggested Filing Database (SDF)
Pre 9.3 ( iwovefsdb.sdf )
SDF > 2 MB = problems
Control the size of the SDF
Location of SDF (local vs network drive)
9.3 – 9.3.2 ( imanefsdb.sdf )
DisableDefaultSuggestion : 2
Caveat: Manual Suggestions
10 ( imanefsdb.sdf )
Optimized suggested filing algorithm
MAPI instead of OOM


  • Delay when opening or
  • closing emails
  • Outlook Not Responding
  • Blue circle appears
Cause: IsMessageFiled function
Pre 9.3
ShowEMToolbarOnReadEMail : 0
Doesn’t load EM toolbar
9.3.1 – 9.3.2
 Optimized the IsMessageFiled function
Fast launch due to removing of 3rd party component
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Work 9.X

  • Middleware logging – > Provides logging on the iManage.dll. Client talks to Server. Use for Login issues, Refiling, displaying folder content
  • Integration logging – > Used for logging Office issues. Lost Edits, errors, 0 byte files
  • iManext logging – > Extension library. Dialogs and all functions of  WorkSite
  • EM logging – > Toolbar not loading, performance issues, filing issues
  • FileSite / BulkLoader – > FileSite provides logging for client side filing requests
  • Suggested Filing -> Logging to understand why a specific suggestion is made to user or none at all
  • WSMapi logging  – > Filing operations using the Inbox filer, Sent Items filer, and filing suggestions or saving attachments
  • OffSite –>Performance issues during syncing, errors, and why content is not synched

Work 10

New Standardized Verbose Logging
Change <level value=”INFO” /> to <level value=”DEBUG” />

New Standardized Log Location

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Reason #1 > Add in is Disabled

  • iManage Ribbon is missing
  • Save and open default to local dialogs
  • Document does not check in on close
  • History shows checkin was application DeskSite or Outlook vs. Word, Excel, PPT
  • Application Crash
  • Load Behavior: 0 or 2 = Disabled ( 3 = Enabled ) 

Solution 9.x
  • Add iManage Add ins to the DoNotDisableAddinList for each application
  • (Only available for Office 2013 and later)
Solution 9.3.2 and later
Installer now adds Work addins to these registry keys automatically
User clicks Yes to disable the Addin , it can still be disabled.

9.x Office Add in

Name of Add IN : 
Its a Com-integration

Work 10 Office Addin

Its a VSTO

Adobe Reader

Work 9.x Adobe Addin

  • iManAcrobat10.api (!HZQUBAJT!zVK9TphY6HLlnlv98Gzvgp7lIkRqiCkALEtRqMSLzJI ) 
  • iManAcrobatReader10.api (!6FByFA6Q!njcPUo2eMEeuE2Kw-ebJhfXzRKEIQaYuaoNU1rqA0Yg ) 
  • iManAcrobatRes.dll (!WMBQSCCT!d52KsDZNZjC4h8awHtmXOQ ) 

Work 10 Adobe Addin

  • iManageWorkPlugin.api
  • iManageWorkPluginRd.api
  • iManageWorkPluginRes.dll

Reason #2 > PRF is left behind

Work 9.X

Checkout: File and PRF copied from File Store to NrPorbl
Checkin : File and PRF copied to NRTEcho
PRF can be modified
Software keeps handle on the PRF

Work 10

Checkout: Hidden PRF attached
Checkin  Document and PRF stay in folder

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Recently a few users had the following bounce backs from Office 365 to an On-Prem Mailserver with the error

‘550 5.4.316 Message expired, connection refused(Socket error code 10061)

Checking the logs in 365 of this, this was due to the Fortigate adding some 365 SMTP servers to the IPS Quantarine List

Removing these servers from the Quarantine and also removing IPS checking in the Policy of 365 servers to on-prem via SMTP resolved this

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Worksite permissions default to everyone have access to everything. When a workspace is set to Public no permissions are restricted every if they are listed in the security list


Private mode restricts access per the permissions listed 


Read/Write Permission vs Full Access

Full Access gives users permissions to change existing permissions. Read/Write gives full access to the data

How do I give users read Access to a Workspace

Set it as Private

Great a group with all users and assign this read

Setup Users to full access

How can I get a list of all private or public workspaces?

SELECT p.prj_id, p.prj_name, p.prj_descript, p.prj_owner FROM mhgroup.projects p (NOLOCK) WHERE p.subtype = 'work' AND p.default_security = 'X'

To get a list of public workspaces you would change p.default_security = ‘X’ to ‘P’.

SELECT p.prj_id, p.prj_name, p.prj_descript, p.prj_owner FROM mhgroup.projects p (NOLOCK) WHERE p.subtype = 'work' AND p.default_security = 'P'

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You can set the author and default document class by setting the following registry key. The variable %USERID% will resolve to the user that is logged in.


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Trying to setup a subdomain for iManage communication server in 365. I created a Connection from 365 to OnPrem server

Create a Connector

What I needed to do was also add the domain to 365 and change it to Internal Relay

Add the domain in below

Change the accepted Domain Type for the subdomain to internal relay


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