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pinimanageWhen a user clicks through documents in iManage viewer after the first document , the rests of the document don’t display until you click on another tab e.g. profile and back to viewer.

The user needs to click the Pin Icon which is found top right of the viewer. This will then auto-refresh the view when users move from document to document.

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worksiteThe fields are stored in the registry here :



You can delete these whole folders to wipe all the Autocomplete enteries

To modify individual items , you can go into each of the folders or use an f3 search to find enteries however the enteries need to be sequential so when you delete , readd the last item for that numbered entery , then delete the last item to stop duplication

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Recently a user lost their favorites in iManage. This was due to a Preferred Database change. Below was an SQL Query you can run on the iManage database server to check where the users old favorites are and also check for Duplicates

 WHERE PRJ_OWNER = 'imanage username' AND SUBTYPE = 'S' 
 OR PRJ_OWNER = 'imanage username' AND SUBTYPE = 'F' 

This will give you the PRJID for My  Favorites ( F ) and My Matters ( S )

To query the folders for thoose workspaces perform the following  :



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worksiteWhen selecting multiple files in iManage worksite and right clicking and choosing open , it crashes Word on opening

To resolve this, the following registry key will need adding >:

Citrix server: HKEY_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Word\Options “DisableRobustifiedUNC”=Dword:00000001

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WorksiteSaveOperationOK , so when you save a .xls file in 2010 from 2003 , explorer bugs you with : “filename.xls cannot be saved in the current format. To save your changes, click OK, then save it as the latest format.”

This dialogue box then breaks the iManage save as functionality which then brings up

 And you have to resave the document as a .xlsx or resave as a .xls which stops bugging you with message. This is no good for people with linked documents  . I have found no way to disable the first dialogue box/error

Solution for Explorer

1) Save the file to explorer , open the file with 2010 , click ok to the error message , then save it back as an xls ( overwrite )  , then you can open and save from explorer

Solution for iManage/Worksite

1) Save the file to explorer from your DMS file server, rename from docnumber.version to docnumber.xls , open the file with 2010 , click ok to the error message , then save it back as an xls ( overwrite ) , then you can open and save no drama’s from explorer

2) Rename file back to docunumber.version then copy this file back to the iManage file server and it enables the file to be opened saved from 2003 and 2010 no errors.

So 2010 must rewrite the file with new meta data!

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worksitePer this blog post this is how to Auto Filer in iManage Emm Toolbar is supposed to work

When an e-mail is filed into a workspace, a tag is added to the subject line of the e-mail in brackets. The format of the Subject Tag is
<Original Subject> [<Firm ID>-<Database>.<Folder ID>].
The format and position of the Subject Tag can be customized by modifying registry keys. Refer to the WorkSite Desktop Client Customization Guide for more

When an e-mail that you have sent and filed using E-mail Management is returned to you (for example, someone replied to your e-mail), it is flagged in the Inbox to
indicate that the e-mail has been automatically filed to the same WorkSite folder as the original.
An Inbox Filer checks the Subject Tag of each new e-mail in the Inbox. If the format of the Subject Tag is correct, the Inbox Filer checks whether the e-mail is
filed. If the e-mail is filed, the filer marks it as filed. If the e-mail is not filed, the Inbox Filer files the e-mail to the appropriate location, and then marks it as filed.

To enable this you need to have the following Registry Keys


This is the Client Side Inbox Filer

DisableInboxFiler : False ( String )

This is the Client Side Sent Items Filer

DisableSentFiler : False ( String )

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worksiteTo set this up in DBAdmin please do the following e.g. for .MOV Files

Create a new Application in DBAdmin under the database you require with the below details:

Description: QuickTime
Alias: MOV
DMS Extension: %V
App. Extension: MOV

(Leave HIPAA Compliant un ticked)

*Note I also created a new doc type called Video

Then under App Setup create your entry for QuickTime with the following details:

Name: QuickTime
Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\QuickTime\QuickTimePlayer.exe
Type: MOV
Primary Application: Tick
Integration Mode: Non-Integrated

Then Click Manage on Toolbar then ‘Document Type Mapping Management’

Choose the Extension in Type , then Add the File Type such as Quicktime_fmt

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We have a terminal server that has mixed modes of Office ( 2003 and 2010 ). We are using Visio 2010 and when you open documents from iManage Worksite the Visio taskbar does not show. When you open Visio documents using Expolorer it shows fine. When uninstalling Office 2003 from the terminal server it starts to work.

The workaround is to right click on the taskbar , and change the Taskbar Buttons drop down to “Never Combine”

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documentprofiletypeUpon trying to save to iManage from a Link2DMS plugin via Internet Explorer , the following error message was displayed.

Document Profile is Invalid .Document type not available. Select the document type or Add the document type for the extentsion in the server and try again.

However when saving documents through Outlook, it picked up the document profiles fine showing the main iManage Program was working and the database options where correct.

This issue is because the tick box “Hide Extenstions for Known File Types” is ticked , so it’s not relaying the document extension to the software to relay back to iManage

Unticking this option fixes the issue for Filetypes such as PDF’s and ZIP

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EMM ( Email Management ) Toolbar Filing Icons 8.5

green tick imanagegreen tick imanage2

EMM ( Email Management ) Toolbar Filing Icons 9.3

Stored in : C:\Program Files\Interwoven\WorkSite\iOutlook

– Filed to Worksite

– Filing Error

– Filed and user Forwarded Email

– Filed and user Replied to Email

– Queued ( Email is queued to be filed to worksite ) 

– Mail Sent and Filed to Worksite

– Mail Send and Forwarded and Filed to Worksite

– Mail sent and Replied to and Filed to Worksite

Filesite 9.3 Icons

C:\Program Files\Interwoven\WorkSite\iOutlook\Config

Icon File



Archived document


Checked Out document


Checked out and Related


Normal document


Normal Related document


Shortcut to document


Locked document


Locked Related document


Checkedout Compound document


compound checkedout related


Locked Compound document


locked compound related


Normal Compound document


Normal Compound Related document


How to reset Icons

Please close Outlook completely (make sure Outlook.exe is no longer running in task manager)

Change HKCU\Software\Interwoven\WorkSite\8.0\FileSite\IconForm Installed to 0

Delete HKCU\Software\Interwoven\WorkSite8.0\FileSite\Registered Databases

Reopen Outlook and you should see it re-register.

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