How to assign User Connect Permissions to Azure DB


How to find current Roles assigned to Azure DB

SELECT DISTINCT pr.principal_id,, pr.type_desc, 
    pr.authentication_type_desc, pe.state_desc, pe.permission_name
FROM sys.database_principals AS pr
JOIN sys.database_permissions AS pe
    ON pe.grantee_principal_id = pr.principal_id;

How to assign User Role to Azure DB

ALTER ROLE db_datawrite ADD MEMBER [[email protected]];
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Additional information: Operation identifier: 9fa3da2a-8d8d-4caf-9f9f-0335dcfce690 Server identifier: d155fae0-0363-43d3-afa0-f4e1ba410691 Error code: 0x80C87012 MgmtServerJobFailed Server error: 0x80C8710D

Navigate to 

Server Endpoint creation failed.

Job ID: 9fa3da2a-8d8d-4caf-9f9f-0335dcfce690
Server Endpoint name: 93fb84e8-179c-42f7-b121-b5901c2a4679
ErrorCode: 0x80c8710d – Sync is not supported on a volume using compression.

Remove Compression off the drive for Syncing


After the uncompression finished I tried to resync the drive , however I still got the same issue even after restarting the ( Storage Sync Agent \ FileSyncSvc) Service and closing the AzureStorageSyncMonitor.exe ( restarting the Sorage Sync Agent  also brings back the AzureStorageSyncMonitor.exe ) Process

I ran through the guide to Uncompress the System Volume Information Folder per below

  1. Download PsExec tool.
  2. Run the following command from an elevated command prompt to launch a command prompt running under the system account: PsExec.exe -i -s -d cmd
  3. From the command prompt running under the system account, type the following commands and hit enter:
    cd /d “drive letter:\System Volume Information”

On running

F:\>cd /d “F:\System Volume Information” compact /u /s

I got “The system cannot find the path specified”

I then used

cd “F:\System Volume Information”


compact /u /s

And this uncompressed the folder and I was able to sync

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Recently client was using a Kerio Mail System on a mac and we need to move to a PC with Exchange 365

If we were  doing this from Mac -> Mac we could Clone the olk15RecentAddresses Files between the Outlook Profiles , and these would be uploaded to 365 , however straight to PC

Someone has created a olk15RecentAddresses to csv ->

You can then use NK2EDIT to Import these from csv into the new Outlook Profile on the PC’s Stream_Autocomplete_0_* Files

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In the space of 2 hours we have had 2 x E14 Lenovo crash at the BIOS level ( Unbootable ) after updates
These devices don’t have reset button , so the Lenovo way is to let the battery drain ( New Battery is like 4 hours runtime) 
Unscrew all the screws on the back of laptop, use a ruler or something plastic ( would not recommend metal as it will scratch ) to jimmy the plastic clips around the case open
Take off the back you will see a + \ – connector , pull the black material on this connection towards battery which will power it down
Plug it back in , put cover back on , turn Laptop back on and see the sign that “Updates successful ??? Lol”


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I found this mildly interesting, I always wondered why some UPS’s are very expensive for not a big kva rating.

Offline UPS, don’t even look at these, they are no good when looking to protect computer equipment due to their slow transfer time. The computer will turn off ?

Line-interactive UPS: This is the standard server room UPS, good transfer times and low cost

The biggest negatives are its ability to regulate the output voltage, a line interactive UPS will output ±8-15% of the nominal voltage in Australia supply systems and electrical installations are; 230/400v +10% – 6%

See AS/NZS3000:200 1.8.2C(a) reference below;

Also proof 230v and 3 phase 400v is LOW VOLTAGE

The line-interactive UPS, 9 times out of 10 will be perfectly fine.

Checking a random server specifications you can see all power supply units come with their own tolerances to operate, this is the same for all suppliers to save them changing units where they ship them around the world for different (inferior) local supply voltages.

This ALL means a line-interactive UPS installed on an Australian power grid should be sufficient for most installs. Obviously when you’re planning a new install you could check the local voltage to make sure but this CAN change throughout the day.

Online UPS

When you have more sensitive equipment is when you would recommend getting an Online UPS.

An Online UPS will regulate the voltage within +2-3%  ?

There are probably other things it can do other than output volage here is a handy chart;

Line Noise and Harmonic distortion (eddy currents) filtering could help if you are setting up audio equipment and hear buzzing or fuzz especially when lights are turned off and on, But there are cheaper alternatives eg


While writing this I also noticed that the higher the voltage the lower the BTU… those poor poor Americans.

I guess this is obvious when you think about it thanks to Mr Ohm

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[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Bloomberg L.P.\User Info]

“Use HKCU”=dword:00000001

The above procedure completes the installation of the Bloomberg client software on a Windows/Citrix XenApp server environment on shared storage available to all the users. It stores the Serial in the Current User Folder instead of Local Machine

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A Server with Sentinal One had 60GB of data in C:\System Volume Information.

Originally thought this was Veeam not cleaning up snapshots but eventually realised it was Sentinel One’s ransomware protection, which by default takes a snapshot at 4 hourly intervals.

The reason it was taking up so much space on this server was the maximum shadow copy storage space for the disk was set to “unbounded”.

To check this run vssadmin list shadowstorage in an elevated command prompt:

Confirmed the standard is to set this to 10%, but to do this we needed to temporarily disable the Sentinel One policy as it protects shadow copies and storage settings from being tampered with.

Once disabled you can run the following command to set the max size: vssadmin Resize ShadowStorage /For=C: /On=C: /MaxSize=10%

Sentinel One policy will need to be enabled again once complete.

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