AppLocker\Control for MAC

Default Intune Mac OS App Control Restricted apps Settings apply to: All enrollment types Google’s Tools Santa ( )  Upvote (whitelist server for Santa) JAMF Pro […]

Your weekly PIM digest Email Microsoft Azure

A weekly Privileged Identity Management summary email for Azure AD roles is sent to Privileged Role Administrators, Security Administrators, and Global Administrators that have enabled Privileged Identity […]


Deploy from Windows Store -> GUI -> Good powershell Module for Deploying Updates ->

SSL cert renewal

In scenarios where a SSL cert is due to renewal but the renewed one (the one downloaded from the provider after renewal) does not have the private […]

Bit Titan VS Native Microsoft Migration Tool for G Suite (Gmail API) to Exchange Online (Microsoft 365)

Mailbox Migration Tool Bit Titan Tool Bit TitanMicrosoft Mailbox Migration ToolCost Paid ForFreeLabelsMigrate to Folders of CategoriesDoes not MigrateChatsSupportedNot SupportedOutlook RulesRules will be migrated and […]