Winget Intune

Make sure launched at User cmd /c winget install -e –id Microsoft.VisualStudioCode.Insiders –silent –force –accept-package-agreements –accept-source-agreements cmd /c winget uninstall -e –id Microsoft.VisualStudioCode.Insiders

SCEP\ Intune Wifi Certs

Support Tip – How to configure NDES for SCEP certificate deployments in Intune – Microsoft Community Hub Verify NDES configuration to use SCEP certificates – Intune | […]

Applocker “MpSigStub.exe”

The Windows anti-malware solution, Windows Defender, which has been  installed on every version of Windows since Windows 7, is responsible  for protecting the system from malware. Windows […]

Connectwise Automate Useful Links

Enabling AI Templates and Monitors refresher Automation (Scripting) Automate System Configuration (Email configuration, LTShare, retention) reducing ticket noise monthly reporting Report Center: Report […]