I recently picked up a customer with Divi WordPress Theme. I have helped them installed a new plugin however the h2 color wasn’t showing the right color defined in the plugin 

Looking at the compute of the CSS this line was causing it 

color: #5a5f72!important;

!important overules all other settings!

Turns out this was defined in the text widget of Divi that just needed changing


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Recently in the server logs I saw lots of attempts to /xmlrpc.php

/xmlrpc.php is the file used for Pingbacks, so if someone links to my blog , they can add my blog article and WordPress will check in then create a link to the users site. This actually opens up wordpress sites to be used for DOS’ people



You can disable access to this file via updating .htaccess

# Block WordPress xmlrpc.php requests
<Files xmlrpc.php>
order deny,allow
deny from all

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Recently installed the Plugin NextGen Pro to enable the Nextgen Pro Lightbox this would work on some galleries and others it would just display the below.

Turns out some of the shotcodes were wrong on the Gallery Page

Readding these resolved the issue

[ngg_images source="galleries" container_ids="7" display_type="photocrati-nextgen_pro_mosaic" row_height="180" margins="5" last_row="justify" lazy_load_enable="1" lazy_load_initial="35" lazy_load_batch="15" captions_enabled="0" captions_display_sharing="1" captions_display_title="1" captions_display_description="1" captions_animation="slideup" order_by="sortorder" order_direction="ASC" returns="included" maximum_entity_count="500"]


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Recently a webhost made a change to their hosting which showed up the following error on hosting : 

Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.

Open .htaccess file

Remove the line : suPHP_ConfigPath /home/username/www/folder


Go to Cpanel 

Change Theme to Paper)Lantern

Open :  MultiPHP Manager 

Change PHP to new if you want

Create new Php.ini via  MultiPHP INI Editor in Cpanel Menu


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You will need to convert the powerpoint to a one page document in Word.

Use Zamzar to convert from ppt to docx : http://www.zamzar.com/convert/ppt-to-docx/

Once converted , Install this to your WordPress Site


Once activated, go to Add Post , scroll to the bottom of the post and you should see: 

Find your .docx document and upload it , then click insert into Editor

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Recently upgrading a customer wordpress plugins I got greated with a

Call to undefined function doing_action()

When trying to login to the admin section , this was on Line 616 in file /google-analytics-for-wordpress/admin/class-admin.php

Comment this line out ( change to

//return doing_action( 'yst_ga_aggregate_data' ) && defined( 'DOING_CRON' ) && DOING_CRON;

Which will let you login to wordpress , update the wordpress version , and re-uncomment the line and save

return doing_action( 'yst_ga_aggregate_data' ) && defined( 'DOING_CRON' ) && DOING_CRON;
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paydayloanscamRecently a wordpress site had multiple SQL injections into the content randomly throughout the 100 or so blog posts as per right. These included generic keywords such as :

  • levitra
  • cialis
  • payday
  • viagra
  • pharmacy
  • pfizer

The sites it linked to where :


Going through these with Search and Replace plugin was going to take ages , so I tried to look for a regex script. I can across the following , curtious of https://managewp.com/clean-link-injections-hacked-websites however this only looked for cetrain Div Tags. I needed something to remove Hyperlinks containing the above keywords. I modified the code to the below and placed into the functions.php file and ran with preview on then off and went through the keyword list. Cleared about 1000 links!!

//Enter keyword below to check for in hyperlinks ( the whole link )
    $spamkeyword = "spamkeyword";
    // By default only preview infected posts. Change to 0 to clean posts
    $preview_only = 1;
    // This is the pattern to search and replace with blank
    $pattern = '%<a href=[\"\'][^"]*?'.$spamkeyword.'.*?[\"\']>.*?</a>%';
    // This is the query to find suspicious posts using fast SQL query
    $query="SELECT ID, post_content from $wpdb->posts where post_content LIKE '%$spamkeyword%'";
    global $wpdb;
    $num_cleaned = 0;
    $posts = $wpdb->get_results($query);
    echo "Suspicious: ".count($posts)." ";
    if ($preview_only)
      echo "Post IDs: ";
    // go through all suspicious posts
    foreach ($posts as $post)
//echo   $post->post_content;
        if (!$preview_only)
            // try the pattern
            $new_content=preg_replace($pattern, '',  $post->post_content);
            // update the cleaned content
            if ($new_content!=$post->post_content) {
                    'post_content' => $new_content
                array( 'ID' => $post->ID ));
        else echo $post->ID." ";
    //UnComment Below to See Results of Preview before comitting
    //echo preg_replace($pattern, '',  $post->post_content);
    if (!$preview_only)
      echo "Cleaned: $num_cleaned";


regex Upon searching for help with this , I did have to smile at the irony of the Regex Help Website being hacked in the same fashion , although obviously all clear now!

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