Login to your switch via SSH and run 

show switch

This will show you the System Type ( Model of the switch ) and if its stacked, now type 

show version

This will show you your current firmware and Also Serial Number ( In Red ) 

1. Go to Extremenetwork Support and Click Downloads for ExtremeXOS for your switch model
2. Login using your account. You have to register if you don’t have account.
3. Click Accept All.
4. Type the serial number.
5. Click Software Downloads.
6. Click the correct ExtremeXOS image and download to your tftp server. Free tftp tools such as tftp32 will work for the switch upgrade

Run TFTP and make sure the server is listening on an Network IP ( NOT )

Copy the .xos file to the TFTP Directory 

In SSH make sure you can Ping the IP of the TFTP server from the Switch via

ping %IP OF TFTPServer% 

And you get a reply , then Run this

download image %IP OF TFTPServer%  summitX- “VR-Default” secondary\

Do you want to install image after downloading? (y – yes, n – no, – cancel) Yes

You will need to reboot the switch and if the switch is in a stack you will need to reboot them both as Stack switches cannot be in different versions

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import boto3

def lambda_handler(event, context):
# TODO implement
userID='%%%%%%%' # redundancy user account ID
ec2 = boto3.client('ec2')
volumes = ec2.describe_volumes()
for volume in volumes['Volumes']:
for attachment in volume['Attachments']:
print "Backing up %s in %s" % (volume['VolumeId'], volume['AvailabilityZone'])
snapshots = ec2.describe_snapshots(Filters=[{ 'Name': 'owner-id','Values':[userID] }])
for snapshot in snapshots['Snapshots']:
print "Backing up %s in %s" % (instanceName, snapshot['SnapshotId'], volume['AvailabilityZone'])
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Recently had a virtual machine show up with a disk size of 0MB in the Vmware client. The machine was still running however Veeam backups were failing.

Image result for Vmware disk size 0kb

Checking the snapshots on this machine showed there was none however opening the VM folder in the datastore showed there were loads of snapshot files.

Running a consolidate on the Vmware Snapshots , then helped list the Snapshots which could be removed by the client 

Removing the VM from the Esxi Host and re-adding this should do the same thing

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Looks like the main scrapers I found are Import.io and Octoparse

import.io gives you a free 7 day account with 500 Requests

  1. ) Get a list of all products
    Navigating around the site it looks like all their products are put on pages like this : https://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/categories/departments/outdoor/17893/ so we need to find a list of departments and their  , Ikea actually list them here : https://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/allproducts/

    Enter this URL in an import.io extraction service

  2. Create a new extractor and enter one of the products pages then choose the Edit and select the products images and other info

    Now use the other extractor from Part 1 as an input to part 2

  3. Voila
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You have to Allow App Protection for Firefox and Chrome and shutdown and reopen webroot ( Its fixed on the beta version ) 

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After a machine was offline for a week users could not print anymore with the error 

no potential redirect queues

Login to Papercut , Under Printers Choose the Virtual Printer

Make sure the printer is selected in this ( ticked! ) 

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Recently found a really cool site : https://scrimba.com/ for learning how to code new languages and thought I would share my notes 


12 Columns width by default needs to be divisible by this

Small Screen : Width 6 : col-sm-6

Medium Screen : Width 3 : col-md-3

Can be classed together e.g. col-sm-3 and col-sm-6 


 is a popup box with a greyed out background using Java

List groups

for notifications e.g. number Message waiting or special offiers

Nav Tabs 

Great for Grouping content on a single page instead of navigation, uses Ajax to display real-time

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MSA : Inbound Errors

HP MSA 2040 

Now according to here : MTU is 8872 ( 8900 ) no 8972 ( 9000 )

Make sure this is enabled on the SAN

Extreme Summit Switch x460 Jumbo Frames

#enable jump frames on all ports https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/How_To/How-to-enable-jumbo-frames

enable jumbo-frame ports all

#list all ports in use to get port numbers

show port utilization

#check MTU of each port to make sure Jumbo:  Enabled, MTU= 9216

show port <#> info detail

Server 2012 R2 Core Hyper v

OK we have an iSCSI Adapter on the server called iSCSI1, the below should come up with a reply if working

ping <IP OF iSCSI SAN> -f -l 8972 

If not lets recheck all settings : First lets get the Make of the adapter :


We want to list all the properties for network card

Get-NetAdapterAdvancedProperty -Name iSCSI1

Check the JumboPacket is 9014 and is enabled

Set-NetAdapterAdvancedProperty -Name “ISCSI” -RegistryKeyword “*JumboPacket” -Registryvalue 9014

Lets also set via Netsh, first lets list current MTU :

netsh interface ipv4 show interface

Lets change adapter

netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface “iSCSI1” mtu=8900 store=persistent
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