How to compare two document libraries from different Office 365 Tenancies \ SharePoint Sites

Recently I had bit titan migration and the Sharepoint Document Library size of the Source Tenant was 2TB and the destination was only 200GB , quite a bit different , however Bit Titan said everything had copied ok, but I wanted to make sure all the files were there

You can show Storage Metrics for a nice overview

Retained content can occupy lots of storage in a SharePoint Online site


There are a few reasons why the sizes might not be like for like 

  1. Bit Titan only copies the last 3 versions
  2. Recycle bin isn’t copied

How do you compare Source to Destination to make sure everything had copied ok?

  1. Export both Document Libraries to Excel 

  2. Check Column A the Name Column , this is populated with Folders and File names , halfway down my both lists I was getting actual full file paths from some of the files

    This won’t work as the file paths will be different , so I used Excel to give me the file name only 


  3.  I then copied both columns into a new excel document , selected all and ran a unique compare

  4. Anything marked as red are the missing files!
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