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When it tries to boot and fail , click Menu Button
Admin ( Password default : 6633222 )
Press 1 on the dial pad for Network Settings.
Press 6 on the dial pad for Advanced Settings
Press 1 on the dial pad for LAN Port Settings (VLAN for the voice
packets only)
Press 2 on the dial pad for VLAN Mode
Press 2 enable the VLAN for the voice packets
Press 3 on the dial pad for VLAN ID
Enter a valid VLAN ID of 1-1401
Save Settings reboot
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Recently I had to tag some Access points to a new Vlan on a Cisco switch , the cisco support website is the worst readability so notes for future reference

Find the Port of the Access point by getting the Mac address then listing all the Macs on the switch via

show mac address-table

Tagging port

Ok next we change the port from an access port on the default Vlan ( 1 ) to a trunk to it can carry multiple Vlans in this case 1,5. Warning this will drop the network device for a few pings

conf t

int gi1/0/21

Switchport mode trunk
Switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,5 

If it doesn’t work you can always wipe the config via

default interface gi1/0/21

To untag a port on vlan 5

 switchport access vlan 

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configure mstp revision 3
##Sets STPD Mode (MSTP)
configure stpd s0 mode mstp cist
##Binds all Vlans to STPD
enable s0 auto-bind vlan 1-4094
##Enable below for all ports APART from Uplinks
configure s0 ports auto-edge on #<ports>
##Enables STPD
enable stpd s0
##SAVE config
save config primary
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Create a new Interface under a port or an existing virtual switch where the Aruba switch uplinks to 

Enter Vlan ID and Interface IP


Next you will need to setup Allow Policies to allow traffic from the Vlan to the normal lan as well as internet


Create a New Vlan with the Same ID

Add a trunk to the Uplink

Tag all the Ports with Vlan 2 that will have a phone plugged into them, Including the Trunk

Untag any ports the phone system or VOIP card might use

Attach the “voice” to the Vlan which will assign the right vlans for the phones that use LLDP 


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Meraki MX Router

Enable Vlans

Go to Security Appliance then Addressing & VLANs

Next setup the Subnet ID ( Number ) for your Vlans and the Address of the Router in each Vlan 

Next Change the Uplink to the Switch to a VLAN and set the Native Vlan ( this is the default usually 1 ) and the other Vlans which will pass down this trunk. The Native VLAN will need to be the same on both sides of Meraki and Cisco Switch


Go to Security Appliance then DHCP

What device will be the DHCP on this new Subnet? You can set the Meraki or if its a Windows Network point the IP Helper to your main DHCP server

Cisco Switch


On the uplink of your switch to the Meraki set e.g. GigabitEthernet1/0/1


conf t
int gi1/0/1
switchport trunk native vlan 1
switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,5
switchport mode trunk

You might see the native vlan 1 not showing in the config , this is because 1 is always the native vlan

UnTag Port on new Vlan

This changes the port to use Vlan 5

conf t
int gi1/0/2
switchport acccess vlan 5
switchport mode access
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On the Fortigate , Create a new Interface and assign it to the Uplink of your internet or DMZ with a Vlan ID and Enable DHCP

Create a policy to allow outbound


On the Switch ( ours GS752TP ) that the access points plug into,  Tag the ports with the Vlan ID you created above, where your access points plug into as all as the port for the Uplink from the Switch to the Router

On your access points  ( Ours WNDAP360 ) create a new SSID and Tag these to the new VLAN ID

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Prepare the Switch Config

Vlan ID 1 = Guest

Vlan ID 10 = Corporate

Access point ports and controllers should be Untagged with VlanID 1 and Tagged with Vlan 10

Guest Wifi Internet Input should be Untagged with Vlan 1 as well as your Management port you control the switch with

Input of Corporate Network into the switch needs to be Tagged port 10

Access point configuration

  1. Check you are not using an Array of AP’s and if you are you are, log into the Master AP in your array. Any other access point you login to the changes will not save

2) Create a new SSID with password

Enabled VLAN Status

Create VID 1 Default per below and Corp for Vlan ID 

Change the PVID settings to 

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