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Recently we installed Nable on a Mac however when trying to remote control it , the screen would stay black with a Please Wait…. Message

The knowledge online said to whitelist it from here as it was OSX 10.14 Mojave , however there was nothing displaying here : 


We Installed the Take Control Viewer manually v6.00.00 directly from the installer link.

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If you are trying to get the size of your Synology Volume via SNMP < you will need to query the correct Index on the OID .

Synology does not have standard indexes , so you will need to start by downloading run and install SNMP walk on a machine that can communicate to the device over network

Enter the IP of the device in SNMP Walk ( Leave rest options to default ) and get the output to text File

Open the txt file and do a Search for volume and per below you should fine the list of OID’s

The last number will be the index , for example Index will be 41 fo the volume

. = STRING: “Physical memory”
. = STRING: “Virtual memory”
. = STRING: “Memory buffers”
. = STRING: “Cached memory”
. = STRING: “Shared memory”
. = STRING: “Swap space”
. = STRING: “/”
. = STRING: “/tmp”
. = STRING: “/run”
. = STRING: “/dev/shm”
. = STRING: “/volume1”

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Login to the Nable Administrator Report Manager ( http://%reportmanagerserver%/Interface/Pages/menu.aspx ) 

You will need to use the username : ( You can reset this password

Navigate to the following

  1. Select System Setup and Logs
  2. Select Data Retention settings

Depending on your retention modify the below per here

Open SQL Server Management Studio make sure you have maintenance plan set up on the ODS Database

  • Set the following in the Maintenance Plan Wizard of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio:
  •  Set the plan properties Name to Report Manager and Daily Run out of hours 

    2. Select the following maintenance tasks for the ODS databases and the warehouse database
  • Check Database Integrity
  • Reorganize Index
  • Update Statistics

If you backup via another utility you can cancel the below : 

  • Back Up Database (Full)
  • Maintenance Cleanup Task

After the maintenance plan ran , we ran a Shrink on the database to reduce a 400GB Database file back down to 50GB for 3000 Devices

*SolarWinds MSP does not recommend shrinking your database.* however this was needed due to the ODS build up

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Login to N-Central with the username :

This process will take the N-able server down so it will need to be in Scheduled Outage


Enter the details of the company and click Generate – This will create a self signed cert on the server and restart the web interface , if you have any issues logged in , use firefox as this copes better with Self Signed Certs

Copy CSR that is has created

Go to Digi Cert and Re-Download Button and Enter your CSR

Download a Bundle of all CER’s together


Upload this via SSL certificate ( this will reboot the webinterface ) 


Any issue with the upload you might need to Rechain the file yourself , if so choose

Then use this to order and create a CRT to upload

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This can be used to install the N-able agent on Startup or through something like PSEXEC with Batch Patch . this only supports Agents137 and below

@echo off


REM WindowsAgentSetup.exe can be downloaded from N-able by Manual Add Device

xcopy /y /e \\%pathtonableinstaller%\137WindowsAgentSetup.exe c:\Temp\137WindowsAgentSetup.exe*

title Installing N-able Remote Monitoring Software

SET	"server=%nableserverAddress%"

REM Can be found by going to the root of your N-able , Administration Tab on the Left then Customer


SET	"installerLocation=c:\Temp"

SET	"alreadyInstalled=The N-able Agent is already installed"

SET	"notInstalled=The N-able Agent is not yet installed, installing it now..."

SET	"programFiles=c:\program files"

REM       Check to see if its x86 or x64

IF %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% EQU  AMD64 ( SET "programFiles=%programFiles% (x86)" )

REM Debug Information

echo %server%

echo %customerID%

echo %installerLocation%

echo %programFiles%

IF NOT EXIST "%programFiles%\N-Able Technologies\Windows Agent\bin\agent.exe" ( GOTO INSTALL ) else ( GOTO AlreadyInstalled )



echo %notInstalled%

%installerLocation%\137WindowsAgentSetup.exe /s /v" /qn CUSTOMERID=%customerID% CUSTOMERSPECIFIC=1 SERVERPROTOCOL=HTTPS SERVERADDRESS=%server% SERVERPORT=443"



echo %AlreadyInstalled%



If installing via Batch Patch use the Software Deploy to run the .bat


The best way I have deploying anything higher then Nable Agent 137 , is run the .exe and go to %temp% and get the WindowsAgent.msi and deploy with 

msiexec /i “\\pathj\WindowsAgent.msi” /q CUSTOMERID=”%number%” CUSTOMERSPECIFIC=”1″ SERVERPROTOCOL=”HTTPS” SERVERADDRESS=”%server%” SERVERPORT=”443″

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The Antivirus N-able Technologies installs as part of its agent is called

Security manager AV defender

This is just rebranded Bitfender , you are supposed to contact N-able to get the un-installer however you can get it from the BitFender site here

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Installing N-able on a windows machine is as simple as running an MSI with the customer ID and creates an activation key for you 

On a Mac you would think this would be the same however not! 

  1. Add the Device Manually on the N-able server under your client

Enter the Device Name and IP Address ( address should be fully qualified domain pc.domain.local ) , change the machine Workstation OSX and class to correct

Set Local Agent Tab to Manual Click Save Button

Navigate to the nearly created device and go to Settings and sub Tab Local Agent

Download the  agent-macosx.tar.gz file from the link it gives you and copy the Activation Key

Extract the  agent-macosx.tar.gz on the Mac after downloading 

Open “agent-macos.pkg”

If you getcan’t be open because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed”, please change Security and Privacy settings as follow ?nd try again:

1. Open “System Preferences”
2. Select “Security & Privacy”
3. Go to General tab
4. Click the Lock (bottom-left corner) to unlock it (administrative password is required)
5. Set “Allow apps downloaded from” to Anywhere
6. Close the dialog
7. Repeat agent installation
8. Change “Security & Privacy” to the initial setting if needed

Once running it might fail to generate an Activation Key , if you go back you can choose to authenticate with a key , use the Key you copied from previous step and this should activate

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Unable to establish CIM session with ESX server: The remote server returned an error: (501) Not Implemented.

Looking in 

cat /var/log/messages

We see Cipher Errors , SHA-1 was decomissioned in window with a windows update

Ciphers Support :

4.1 is Out of Support as of Last year :

Need to update Vmware

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