N-able Report Manager Maintenance – Reduce Database Size

Login to the Nable Administrator Report Manager ( http://%reportmanagerserver%/Interface/Pages/menu.aspx ) 

You will need to use the username : reportsadmin@n-able.com ( You can reset this password

Navigate to the following

  1. Select System Setup and Logs
  2. Select Data Retention settings

Depending on your retention modify the below per here

Open SQL Server Management Studio make sure you have maintenance plan set up on the ODS Database

  • Set the following in the Maintenance Plan Wizard of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio:
  •  Set the plan properties Name to Report Manager and Daily Run out of hours 

    2. Select the following maintenance tasks for the ODS databases and the warehouse database
  • Check Database Integrity
  • Reorganize Index
  • Update Statistics

If you backup via another utility you can cancel the below : 

  • Back Up Database (Full)
  • Maintenance Cleanup Task

After the maintenance plan ran , we ran a Shrink on the database to reduce a 400GB Database file back down to 50GB for 3000 Devices

*SolarWinds MSP does not recommend shrinking your database.* however this was needed due to the ODS build up

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