How to find the SNMP Volume index of a Synology Volume

If you are trying to get the size of your Synology Volume via SNMP < you will need to query the correct Index on the OID .

Synology does not have standard indexes , so you will need to start by downloading run and install SNMP walk on a machine that can communicate to the device over network

Enter the IP of the device in SNMP Walk ( Leave rest options to default ) and get the output to text File

Open the txt file and do a Search for volume and per below you should fine the list of OID’s

The last number will be the index , for example Index will be 41 fo the volume

. = STRING: “Physical memory”
. = STRING: “Virtual memory”
. = STRING: “Memory buffers”
. = STRING: “Cached memory”
. = STRING: “Shared memory”
. = STRING: “Swap space”
. = STRING: “/”
. = STRING: “/tmp”
. = STRING: “/run”
. = STRING: “/dev/shm”
. = STRING: “/volume1”

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