I was trying to get a list of Active Computers on our Network. A DSQuery can give me a list of all computer , and I tried to get an inactive list for 4 weeks and subtract the value , however the Inactive List was not that acurate.

Instead I wanted to Query the PwdLastSet to

I found a few scripts online but they moved the computer accounts to OU’s , and I just needed this for auditing purposes. So I edited the tracked back script

Save the script as script.ps1 then run with .\script -OlderThan 30

    [int] $OlderThan = 20
try {
    Import-Module ActiveDirectory -ErrorAction Stop -Verbose:$false
} catch {
    Write-Error "Active Directory module failed to Import. Terminating the script. More details : $_"
try {
    #Get domain name
    $DomainDN = (Get-ADDomain -ErrorAction Stop).DistinguishedName
    #Get Computers in Domaing
    $Computers = Get-ADComputer -Filter * -Properties PasswordLastSet -SearchBase $DomainDN -ErrorAction Stop
} catch {
    Write-Error "Failed to query active Directory for computers. Exiting the script. More details : $_"
$now = Get-Date
$agedate = (Get-Date).AddDays(-$OlderThan)
foreach($Computer in $Computers) {
$ComputerName = $computer.Name
$Computerpwdsetdate = $Computer.PasswordLastSet
    if($Computerpwdsetdate -lt $agedate) {
	#Write-Host "Expired $ComputerName"
	$computernumber = $computernumber + 1         
Write-Host "Total = $computernumber"


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Exchange Active SyncRecently a user was complaining about the formatting of emails and also not being able to forward attachements.

Checking the messages , when opening the email it converted it to Plain Text which stripped all the formatting and briefly showed the message

Security Policy Restricts the Use of HTML Email

Checking through the users settings on the phone didn’t suggest it was an Android setting , and re-adding the email still had the issues

There is actually an Active Sync policy that needs enabling for this to stop showing and attachments sending per : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb123994.aspx which is

Allow HTML-formatted e-mail

This can also be enabled in MDM ( Mobile Device Management ) software such as Mobileiron, AirWatch or Kony

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VeamBackupFailureAfter going in to each of the servers it displays the error “Cannot complete login due to incorrect username or password”

After a recent password change our Veam jobs would start for a few seconds then fail.


In Veam, go to File , then Manage Credentials

Add the New Username / Password for Veam to Use

Next Click onVirtual Machines Tab ( Bottom Left) , Under Vmware vSpere find the Vcenter ( will have VC in the icon) as this is probably authenticated through active direvtory. Right click and change the credentials to the new one

Next go to Backup & Replication and right click on each job, Edit and Go to Guess Processing and if enabled change the Credentials to the new ones entered above.


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image1[1]Recently I was trying to take a backup of the configuration for a NetApp SAN for a scheduled power shutdown. Per this useful guide : http://pipe2text.com/?page_id=1472 this can be done through the OnCommand facility.

However once I tried to create the backup file I was given the error configuration plugin for data ontap version 8.1.1 is not installed. A look on Netapp Support shows I would need to download the software and install , however when I checked the below I only found version 8.1.3 which means I would need to reinstall and upgrade. I just wanted to get a config backup before the power down!!!

  1. Go to http://support.netapp.com & login using your account.
  1. Go to Download -> Software
  1. Go to the Data ONTAP download section and supply the model of your controller (FAS2240-4) and click “GO”.
  1. In the “Data ONTAP for FAS2240-4” page, find ONTAP 8.1.1 and click “View and Download” button.
  1. Scroll down to the section titled, “Support for OnCommand Core Package or Operations Manager and DataFabric® Manager server multiple-system configurations
  1. Click the link under that section titled “Data ONTAP 8.1.1 Operating in 7-Mode Plug-in for DataFabric Manager Server”.

So I found another way 🙂

1) Login to the netapp controllers indivdually via SSH ( not through the service port )

2) Run ‘config dump -v nameofbackup’, this will backup to the \etc\configs directory

3) Open \\nameofnetappcontroller\c$ ( Samba share )

4) Browse to \\nameofnetappcontroller\c$\etc\configs and copy the file off

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Shaun MynettI rate this DJ up there with the likes of some of my favorites like Above and Beyond and Mylo and Shane 54. So clearly I had to find a way to get this working on Beyond Pod for Android but his latest tracks were not on Itunes in Favour of Mixcloud / Soundcloud.

Super easy , get the mixcloud link : http://www.mixcloud.com/shaunmynett/ , put it in this great free RSS generator : http://www.georgipavlov.com/mixcloud-rss-feed-generator/

Voila : http://mixcloud-rss.georgipavlov.com/ShaunMynett/mp3/20

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It’s taken me 2 weeks to finally get the answer from Olympus so thought I would share it here for others!

The latest version of the OMDS citrix client virtual driver is 2.2.3. This is compatible with the current version of ODMS 6.2.2. 

Client Virtual Driver to improve audio quality from our existing 1.0.13 version can be downloaded here : http://opdsupport.com/component/rsfiles/details.html?path=1.%20Software/2.%20DSS%20Player%20Pro%20Release%205/2.%20Utilities/CitrixClientVD%20(1.0.13).zip&Itemid=evcxfienkroty

Update , there is a new version : 


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keychain_problem[1]I recently went to fix 2 Macs that had been updated to Mavericks and were displaying login prompts below for Keychain Access

  • CalendarAgent
  • accountsd
  • AddressBookSourceSync

There are multiple fixes on the internet which eventually fixed them both

First Fix

  • Open Up Keychain Access
  • Click on Preferences
  • Go to General
  • Reset My Default KeyChain
  • Go back to Preferences then choose KeyChain First aid and run a repair and fix

Second Fix

  • In Finder Select Go in Top Toolbar while pressing the Option key and Click on Libray
  • Go into the /Keychains/ Folder
  • Look for a folder with a name similar to this “A8F5E7B8-CEC1-4479-A7DF-F23CB076C8B8”.
  • Move this folder to the Trash.
  • Immediately choose Apple Menu (?) > Restart… to restart your Mac.

Third Fix

  • Go into Keychain
  • Choose Preferences
  • Choose First Aid Tab
  • Choose “Syncronise login keychain password with account”

Try this if it’s asking you every 5 minutes, instead if just on startup.


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When scanning from a Toshiba MFD to a network share the error shows : file storage error when scanning to a network share.

6530We had this randomly show up on a few devices with no changes to the network. The scanner worked fine scanning to itself and via email.

We retried the username / password after making sure it was fine and checked with another Toshiba that was working OK.

For some reason these started to have authentication issues with the domain

Login to the Web Panel of the Device and go to administration Tab.

Got to Network Settings and via  SMB Network settings

Change to workgroup as domain is not needed, Click OK

Click save at the top after this as the network controller needs to restart

Make sure Remote 1 and Remote 2 “Save File As” Paths have davies\username ( not the machines are not ‘on’ the domain )



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DatebeforeAppointment On a Week View in Outlook 2003 or 2010 , Outlook was showing the time of the appointment before the actual appointment but only on some appointments , so when this is printed it looks pretty odd!

The reason Outlook shows this time before is the scaling on the left hand side of the calendar. If you right click on the scale and choose smaller dividers e.g. from 30 minutes down to 15 this will stop it for Appoitments that can be divided by 15 minute intervals.

Per this article : http://www.outlook-tips.net/tips/tip-628-show-start-and-end-times/

Note that if the appointment splits a time period, such as if the length is not a multiple of the time scale you are using or the start and end times don’t fit nicely within the chosen scale, the times will show.

This is handled better with 2010 is you want to remove these or print the calendar if you have a calendar with appoitments with varyings time intervals!

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mzl.ozqwalgi.175x175-75[1]Reconfiguring a NEC phone system by swapping round phone entensions brought up the follow error in IPFX when trying to register the device to update the name

: Registration Failed 28672. This is a timeout message.

To unregister phone extension in IPFX click on Register button in properties which holding shift key

Best way is to manually shutdown services then start. This will stop any qeues working that are not hard configured on the telephone system as well to fall back on. In Order shutdown service starting with IPFX and VM. When done stop the rest.

If having issues starting IPFX VMports , if you check the logs it could be becuase windows has locked one of the UDP ports. You will need to restart the whole server

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