• Hang on Receiving Emails
  • Delay or Hang when typing
  • Inbox Filer

Fixed in 9.3.1 and later (NT-53826)
Process threads are now set with a lower priority to improve desktop client performance


  • Hang on Sending emails
  • Hang on launch of Outlook
  • Outlook not responding in Outlook Title bar
Sent Filer

Pre 9.3.2:
Disable Sent Filer on client ( Disable Sent Filer = TRUE)
Sent Filer disabled by default
Removed Inbox and Sent Filers
Install CSAR 2300v2 on WCSE 9.3.1


  • Hang on scrolling Inbox
  • Delay when using arrows
  • Delay on Send
  • Delay when clicking inside
  • EMM toolbar
Suggested Filing Database (SDF)
Pre 9.3 ( iwovefsdb.sdf )
SDF > 2 MB = problems
Control the size of the SDF
Location of SDF (local vs network drive)
9.3 – 9.3.2 ( imanefsdb.sdf )
DisableDefaultSuggestion : 2
Caveat: Manual Suggestions
10 ( imanefsdb.sdf )
Optimized suggested filing algorithm
MAPI instead of OOM


  • Delay when opening or
  • closing emails
  • Outlook Not Responding
  • Blue circle appears
Cause: IsMessageFiled function
Pre 9.3
ShowEMToolbarOnReadEMail : 0
Doesn’t load EM toolbar
9.3.1 – 9.3.2
 Optimized the IsMessageFiled function
Fast launch due to removing of 3rd party component
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Work 9.X

  • Middleware logging – > Provides logging on the iManage.dll. Client talks to Server. Use for Login issues, Refiling, displaying folder content
  • Integration logging – > Used for logging Office issues. Lost Edits, errors, 0 byte files
  • iManext logging – > Extension library. Dialogs and all functions of  WorkSite
  • EM logging – > Toolbar not loading, performance issues, filing issues
  • FileSite / BulkLoader – > FileSite provides logging for client side filing requests
  • Suggested Filing -> Logging to understand why a specific suggestion is made to user or none at all
  • WSMapi logging  – > Filing operations using the Inbox filer, Sent Items filer, and filing suggestions or saving attachments
  • OffSite –>Performance issues during syncing, errors, and why content is not synched

Work 10

New Standardized Verbose Logging
Change <level value=”INFO” /> to <level value=”DEBUG” />

New Standardized Log Location

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Reason #1 > Add in is Disabled

  • iManage Ribbon is missing
  • Save and open default to local dialogs
  • Document does not check in on close
  • History shows checkin was application DeskSite or Outlook vs. Word, Excel, PPT
  • Application Crash
  • Load Behavior: 0 or 2 = Disabled ( 3 = Enabled ) 

Solution 9.x
  • Add iManage Add ins to the DoNotDisableAddinList for each application
  • (Only available for Office 2013 and later)
Solution 9.3.2 and later
Installer now adds Work addins to these registry keys automatically
User clicks Yes to disable the Addin , it can still be disabled.

9.x Office Add in

Name of Add IN : 
Its a Com-integration

Work 10 Office Addin

Its a VSTO

Adobe Reader

Work 9.x Adobe Addin

  • iManAcrobat10.api (!HZQUBAJT!zVK9TphY6HLlnlv98Gzvgp7lIkRqiCkALEtRqMSLzJI ) 
  • iManAcrobatReader10.api (!6FByFA6Q!njcPUo2eMEeuE2Kw-ebJhfXzRKEIQaYuaoNU1rqA0Yg ) 
  • iManAcrobatRes.dll (!WMBQSCCT!d52KsDZNZjC4h8awHtmXOQ ) 

Work 10 Adobe Addin

  • iManageWorkPlugin.api
  • iManageWorkPluginRd.api
  • iManageWorkPluginRes.dll

Reason #2 > PRF is left behind

Work 9.X

Checkout: File and PRF copied from File Store to NrPorbl
Checkin : File and PRF copied to NRTEcho
PRF can be modified
Software keeps handle on the PRF

Work 10

Checkout: Hidden PRF attached
Checkin  Document and PRF stay in folder

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Trying to login to iManage worksite , and when the users gets redirect it asks them to save saml-login file

This was due to an incorrect ID in the Worisite/iManage

Rename the incorrect User to another user

Force Directory Sync ( right click on User and Click Syncronise ) or restart the Service

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A company who had recently upgraded its Client PC’s to Outlook 2016 from Outlook 2010 and were using Exchange 2016 were starting to get

Out Of Office not working and also Free and Busy

After the removal of Microsoft Exchange Web Services Managed API 2.2  on Exchange 2016 server the problem with Out of Office was fixed an the EventID 5011 warnings in the eventvwr are gone

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Trying to install Cisco Webex Meetings comes up with the following error : 

“A higher upgrade is already installed”


The application is fully uninstalled though, not appearing in Programs and Features


Download Orca ( MSI Editor ) from here and install

Right click on the MSI and click “Edit with Orca”

Navigate to The Upgrade Table and delete all the rows so they look like this

Save the MSI , then run again

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Running netstat, it was found that the Print Spooler service had taken port 6160.

Stopping the print spooler, restarting the Veeam installer service then starting the Print Spooler resolved it, but if it is consistent, the Veeam ports can be modified in:

Backup Infrastructure > Microsoft Windows > %backupserver% properties > Credentials >  Ports


If you can’t open Console

As a workaround, you can set the console to open with a temp DB, then change it back.



  • Change this value to something else. E.g. VeeamBackupTemp
  • Open console
  • Change the value back to the original
  • Do not close console
  • Restart Veeam Backup Service.


NOTE: Restarting the Veeam backup service will kill any running jobs.

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Trying to enroll a new User and machine into InTune was bringing up the following error

Error : invalid_client

Description : failed to authenticate user






For some reason, the License for Intune was assigned to the user ( via EMS E3 ) however the Intune plan was switched off. Enabling this resolved the issue

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Recently a few users had the following bounce backs from Office 365 to an On-Prem Mailserver with the error

‘550 5.4.316 Message expired, connection refused(Socket error code 10061)

Checking the logs in 365 of this, this was due to the Fortigate adding some 365 SMTP servers to the IPS Quantarine List

Removing these servers from the Quarantine and also removing IPS checking in the Policy of 365 servers to on-prem via SMTP resolved this

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