Share Point Sever 2007Upon installing  Sharepoint Server 2007 standard or Enterprise it came up with an error : This program is blocked due to compatibility issues

Program Compatibility Assistant

Follow the steps:

1. Download and install : Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 with Service Pack 1 32 Bit Version or Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 with Service Pack 64 bit Version Depending on your Server install
2. Download : 2007 Microsoft Office Servers Service Pack 1 (SP1) Copy it to c:\temp folder.
3. Extract this exe. To do so, run this command from command prompt:
c:\temp\Officeserver2007sp1-kb936984-x86-fullfile-en-us.exe /extract:c:\temp1
This extracts the installation contents into folder c:\temp1 <– For 32 Bit

c:\temp\officeserver2007sp1-kb936984-x64-fullfile-en-us /extract:c:\temp1
This extracts the installation contents into folder c:\temp1 <– For 64 Bit

Copy the Contents of the Sharepoint Server 2007 Installation Files to C:\SharepointServer2007\
4. Copy all the contents of c:\temp1 into “C:\SharepointServer2007\(x86 or x64)\Updates” 5. Run Setup .exe again

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If you set up a user on Google Apps or Gmail and link it to their Blackberry Internet Services the user will get a copy of each sent item in their inbox. This can get frustrating however never fear , there is a simple fix. Luckily Blackberry Internet Services comes with a filter for incoming messages

Log into your BIS account through any one of these links depending on your provider

T-Mobile: BlackBerry Internet Service Tmobile (U.K)

Vodafone :Blackberry Internet Services Vodafone UK

Orange :Blackberry Internet Services Orange UK

O2 : Blackberry Internet Services 02 UK

Log in with your username and password , if you already haven’t done this you can create a new account using your Devices Pin ( Found in  Options then Status )

Select the Gmail or Google Apps Email Account from the list , and select the filters button blackberryfilters

Edit the filter options below to discard any messages from yourself

Blackberry Filter

Save and your done!

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Unfortunately last month I came back to my Vauxhall Astra MK4 only to find out someone had reversed into it with a tow bar. Upon inital upset I found a new replacment bumper for my ASTRA MK4 on ebay in my exact colour ( Matt Black ) for £30 ( £45 Inc Delivery ). This wasn’t too bad I thought as my other bumper did have some wear and tear! After I recieved the bumper my next task was to swap the bumpers .. easier said then done. Luckily I found an online guide here

Here goes my Guide ( Click on pictures to get a larger version ) :

Tools : No.20 Torx Bit ae978ca7-a604-4156-a111-b3e4efe3b5ba_3001Small Flat Screw driver screwdriver-11Long Nose Pliers Long Nose Pliers

Step 1

Astra MK4 Wheel ArchUsing the Torx 20 Screw Driver , Under 2 Screws on inside the right and lef wheel arch as shown via the picture. If difficultly getting the screwdriver in  , turn the stearting to full right and left lock depending on the side


Under the Bonnect of Vauxhall Astra Mk4

Step 2

Get undernearth the bottom of your bonnet. You are looking for 3 Clips as shownVauxhall Astra MK4 Bumper Clips. Use the flat head screwdriver to leaver the top of the pin out, after this has come out , Pull the rest of the pin out with the long nose pliers. After these have been removed , gently  pull the sides away of the wing’s of the bumper as shown to loosen themPull Bumper Away

Step 3

Open the car bonnet ( Leaver by the side of the driver footwell! ) and find 2 more clips on the top of it. Use the screwdriver again to leaver out the top of the pin, then use the long nose pliers to pull out the whole pin. Once these are out you can gently pull away at the side and the front and the bumper should come right off!

Removing clips on Vauxhall Astra

Removing clips on Vauxhall Astra

Things to remember to take off your old Bumper!

– Number Plate , Tow Bar Cover , Metal Clips for Screws

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WMV Iconhuge-right-arrow11FLV

After capturing a video on a standard straight to DVD video camera ,The file was encoded with ASF ( Advanced Streaming Format ) ,I wanted to stream this on the internet. The obvious format would be a FLV file streamed using a flash player. The main program I use to convert files to FLV is a free program called “Riva FLV Encoder 2.0” . This does not support WMV files :(.

I needed to convert the WMV into an AVI , This can be done using a previous version of Virtual Dub (1.3 due to a Microsoft Legal Case in which WMV support for virtual Dub was stopped due to Microsoft owning the codec Error Message : ASF files are not supported) Download Virtual Dub 1.3

After importing the file into Virtual Dub 1.3 , It produced an Error “ASF: Illegal Object Fragment flags 0a in packet at 14c0 packing size = 1f40, pp =12,  send time: 0:00”

After more research someone has written a Virtual Dub Plugin for WMV support for the latest version of Virtual Dub ( 1.9.0 ). You can download this WMV plugin by fccHandler Here and follow the readme for installation.  However this still produced errors when trying to reencode to AVI

To file the WMV (ASF File ) I used a tool called ASF Tools 3.1

I ran a Basic Repair on the WMV then Re-Encoded it. To do this you will need to download and install:

Download and Install Windows Media Encoder 7.1 – wmencoder71.exe

Install this MPEG4 codec :

I then open the fixed WMV with Virtual Dub , set :

Audio : Direct Stream Copy
Video : Direct Stream Copy

Then File , Save As AVI. This can then be converted with Riva FLV Encoder 2.0

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Spotify Portable


Well I’ve seen the future of on-line music and its one of those things that will revolutionise the industry.A huge selection of On-Demand music anywhere, hosted in the Cloud, Custom Playlists that follow you anywhere as well as the ability to share with your friends and the icing on the cake, supporting the artist through the same adverts as a radio. I know has offered this service for a while, but Spotify have simplified the process for your average user who just want Music now with the same clean look and speed of Itunes! After plugging this software to as many people as possible I have found this software can be turned portable. Spotify upon installation installs 2 files to C:\Program Files\Spotify

“Spotify.exe” and “Uninstall.exe”

Grab a new usb memory stick , Copy the Spotify.exe to the memory stick, Plug into a computer at Work, School, University and Internet Cafe, Login with your Spotify details , and your off again!

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A client needed to copy a file larger than 5 Gigabytes to a 16 Gigabyte Memory Stick. Due to the standard partitions of external storage being FAT32 , file copying failed. Formatting an external Hard Disk is easy through Disk Management in ( Control Panel , Administration Tools , Computer Management ). However there are a few tips to bear in mind when it comes to Memory Sticks
First due to technology limitations of the flash chips, there is a limitation on how many times it can be written to (around 10000 Times). NTFS also uses more activity on its file systems due to its Journaling File System to Log everything performed.
To ready your device for formatting, Go to Device Manager ( Right Click My Computer , Properties , Hardware ) and find your USB or Memory Stick under the Disk Drives Section. Double click on your device “optimize for performance” Under the Policies Tab


Then run this command in the command Prompt

convert u: /fs:ntfs ( u: being the drive letter of the memory stick)

If this brings back an error about exclusive access to the drive being denied , restart the computer and after startup, without opening anything up, try this again

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gprs on blackberry
When setting up a single user blackberry, I would recommend using the Blackberry Internet Services rather than say Blackberry Desktop Redirector as Internet Services has guaranteed uptime and easier to administer.

Sometimes after you setup your blackberry on Internet Services after registering your phone on the Vodafone Network by insert your sim card and powering the device on , email still does not load on the blackberry.
This is usally down to your service provider not enabling your account for Blackberry or GPRS. To test this make sure your GPRS symbol is in capitals instead of Lowercase. Lowercase gprs and edge means that the phone can see the gprs or edge network , but cannot authenticate to it ( Usually due to your provider blocking it)

Another way to tell if your phone has a data connection is to it type *#105# from your Blackberry handset then press the call button. This should return something like this

CS: 447785013100 VF-Usk
Registered 04-Oct-2008 19:01:40
PS: 447785012610 SGSNMS1
Registered 06-Oct-2008 18:39:25

CS Stands for Circuit Switched ( What your telephone calls use )
PS Stand for Packet Switched ( What your internet uses )

Make sure your phone has a value for both of these

EDGE: You can use the phone, send/receive email, PIN, SMS text & MMS msgs & use the browser with a high speed data connection.
GPRS: You can use the phone, send/receive email, PIN, SMS text & MMS msgs & use the browser.
edge, gprs, GSM: You can use the phone and send receive SMS text msgs.
SOS: You can only make emergency calls
OFF: You Blackberry Curve’s radio is turned off.
X: You are not in a wireless coverage area.

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Gallery Logo

Installing this addin (WPG2) to integrate my Open Source PHP Gallery into my word press Blog and adapt to the blog theme to the gallery with a single click , produced this error when editing User’s or Viewing the gallery from WordPress

Fatal G2 error
Here’s the error from G2: Error (ERROR_MISSING_OBJECT)
wp-content/plugins/wpg2/ at line 468 (GalleryCoreApi::error)
wp-content/plugins/wpg2/ at line 231
wp-content/plugins/wpg2/ at line 111
wp-content/plugins/wpg2/ at line 523
in ??? at line 0
wp-includes/plugin.php at line 311
wp-includes/general-template.php at line 866
wp-content/themes/paalam-11/header.php at line 17
wp-includes/theme.php at line 472
wp-includes/general-template.php at line 8
wp-content/themes/paalam-11/index.php at line 1
wp-includes/template-loader.php at line 24
wp-blog-header.php at line 20
index.php at line 4

Upon research , the only way round this error was the installation of this plug-in :

This resolved both errors!

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I recently noticed the speed of my computer reduced dramatically. Upon examination of Task Manger it seemed that the executable “Microsoft User-Mode Driver Framework Install-v1.0-WinXP.exe” was running every 5 Seconds and creating a Temporary directory in C:\WINDOWS\Temp under the format of Folders such as “WDF20F.tmp”. By the time I had investigated there was well over 500 folders !!!

I removed these through the command prompt with command “rd /s /q C:\WINDOWS\Temp\”

I then did some investigation to what was causing the issue. This was Nokia PC suite trying to install the phone drivers for a phone that wasn’t even connected to my computer! I stopped this by opening up device manager and removing my phone from the device manager list.

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I was trying to synchronise my blackberry contacts with our Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 using Blackberry Desktop. Upon the setting up and syncronisation the following error appeared

“Function OpenFolder Failed”

To resolve this perform the following

  1. Navigate to the Intellisync® folder:
    • In Windows® 98

      C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Intellisync

    • In Windows 2000 or Windows® XPC:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Intellisync
    • In Windows MEC:\Windows\Application Data\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Intellisync
    • In Windows Vista™C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Intellisync
  2. Delete the Intellisync folder.
  3. Close and reopen BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
  4. In the Intellisync application, reconfigure synchronization settings as needed using the Configure PIM or Configure Synch button.
  5. Try to synchronize again.
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