This device can be purchased through various retailers , however the cheapest place I have found it was EbuyerHere Download TomTom Install File From : Or Once you have the device , plug in the USB Cable into your computer and power the device on Switch it to USB Mode on the GPS when asked and the Mass Storage should appear on your computer Remove the Files on the memory card of the Device ( DO NOT REMOVE “HIDDEN SYSTEMS FILES” Folder) Unrar (Using Winrar the file you just downloaded off Rapidshare This should give you 3 Folders Copy United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland_v720.1802 and mobilenavigator to the Memory Card Copy the folder TTN7 to C:\ Drive After the transfer of the folders has finished remove the USB lead an start up the GPS Button which should launch TomTom It will bring up an error about activation , click on the Voucher and this will bring up more Errors. Plug the device back into the computer and go into the mobilenavigator on the memory card and open the ttnavigator.bif in notepad and find the Line “DeviceUniqueID=” Copy the Series of letters after it and then go to the TTN7 folder on your C Drive , Right click on the “Edit, Save, Open.bat” and click edit. Change the Value “XXXX-XXXX” to your value from the “DeviceUniqueID=” value you copied from your device and save the file , close it , then double click on it This should create a United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland-14.meta.dct in the same directory. Copy this file to the United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland_v720.1802 folder. Remove the USB lead and open the GPS Software from the GPS Button which will open TomTom. You will need to set the GPS device , by going into Change Preferences , GPS Signal , Configure , Choose “Other wired NMEA” , Leave the Baud rate , then Select Com 7
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WET54G Close Up

WET54G Close Up

Recently after setting up a Linksys Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge WET54G to bridge an Xbox 360 to a wireless network rather than using a Xbox 360 Wireless Card, it randomly lost its configuration. Reconfiguring this device should of been easy , but not when Linksys try and make it hard as possible to get the information out!
  1. Right , so first port of call , hold down the reset button for 30 Seconds to reset to factory configurations
  2. Linksys’ “quick guide” states that you need the CD to start the Configuration Launcher .. Who Keeps CD’s Nowadays?
  3. Try and find the Software on the WET54G Page with My Version 2 Product
  4. Nothing! , Contact Linksys 24/7 Chat Support , After 10 Mins , shows me back to the download Page
  5. After more investigation this is only available on the Version 3 Product Page ??? Here’s the link you need!
  6. Installed the Configuration Software however if you are doing this remotely for a friend via his Wireless Internet and the Bridge is connected to the Ethernet Port , the software can’t check both ports even if if windows can ping it!
  7. Right , Go to it Manually , its standard IP address is
IP Address : Username : *Don’t Enter one!* Password : admin From here you can fully configure the product and rejoin it to the wireless network!
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  • ATM Quality
  • On the Fly Trade Up Between Raw Capcity of Line and Quality
  • Backhaul is how one Wimax tower would speak to the other ( 5Ghz Range )
  • Needs to be Lower the 10 Ghz Due to the Technogy for Long Distance
Non Line Of Site ( Convient forMobile Users )
  • Lower Frequency ( Under 10 Ghz )
Line Of Site ( Higher Bandwidth Lower Error Rates )
  • Higher Frequency (10 – 66Ghz )
Inverse Fast Fourier Transform is used in a WiMAX transmitter Fast Fourier Transform) is used in a WiMAX receiver How It Works?
  1. Base Stations want to communicate with WiMax Access Point By Random Interupt
  2. MAC uses scheduling Algorithm
  3. Once Completed they are given a Slot at the access point which can be adjusted and will remain the base stations untill not needed
  4. QoS Is Balanced By the access point depending on the users QoS Settings
Transmitter and Receiver RF chains in WiMAX
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