How the change the Front Bumper on the Astra MK4

Unfortunately last month I came back to my Vauxhall Astra MK4 only to find out someone had reversed into it with a tow bar. Upon inital upset I found a new replacment bumper for my ASTRA MK4 on ebay in my exact colour ( Matt Black ) for £30 ( £45 Inc Delivery ). This wasn’t too bad I thought as my other bumper did have some wear and tear! After I recieved the bumper my next task was to swap the bumpers .. easier said then done. Luckily I found an online guide here Here goes my Guide ( Click on pictures to get a larger version ) : Tools : No.20 Torx Bit ae978ca7-a604-4156-a111-b3e4efe3b5ba_3001Small Flat Screw driver screwdriver-11Long Nose Pliers Long Nose Pliers Step 1 Astra MK4 Wheel ArchUsing the Torx 20 Screw Driver , Under 2 Screws on inside the right and lef wheel arch as shown via the picture. If difficultly getting the screwdriver in  , turn the stearting to full right and left lock depending on the side torxscrewinarch
Under the Bonnect of Vauxhall Astra Mk4
Step 2 Get undernearth the bottom of your bonnet. You are looking for 3 Clips as shownVauxhall Astra MK4 Bumper Clips. Use the flat head screwdriver to leaver the top of the pin out, after this has come out , Pull the rest of the pin out with the long nose pliers. After these have been removed , gently  pull the sides away of the wing’s of the bumper as shown to loosen themPull Bumper Away Step 3 Open the car bonnet ( Leaver by the side of the driver footwell! ) and find 2 more clips on the top of it. Use the screwdriver again to leaver out the top of the pin, then use the long nose pliers to pull out the whole pin. Once these are out you can gently pull away at the side and the front and the bumper should come right off!
Removing clips on Vauxhall Astra

Removing clips on Vauxhall Astra

Things to remember to take off your old Bumper! – Number Plate , Tow Bar Cover , Metal Clips for Screws
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