Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access

  • ATM Quality
  • On the Fly Trade Up Between Raw Capcity of Line and Quality
  • Backhaul is how one Wimax tower would speak to the other ( 5Ghz Range )
  • Needs to be Lower the 10 Ghz Due to the Technogy for Long Distance
Non Line Of Site ( Convient forMobile Users )
  • Lower Frequency ( Under 10 Ghz )
Line Of Site ( Higher Bandwidth Lower Error Rates )
  • Higher Frequency (10 – 66Ghz )
Inverse Fast Fourier Transform is used in a WiMAX transmitter Fast Fourier Transform) is used in a WiMAX receiver How It Works?
  1. Base Stations want to communicate with WiMax Access Point By Random Interupt
  2. MAC uses scheduling Algorithm
  3. Once Completed they are given a Slot at the access point which can be adjusted and will remain the base stations untill not needed
  4. QoS Is Balanced By the access point depending on the users QoS Settings
Transmitter and Receiver RF chains in WiMAX
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