Wimax Forum Started on 7th April 2003 Members : Intel , Fujistui ( Chip Makers ) , Nokia , Airspan Networks , OFDM OFrum “First Statements Does […]

Commerical Companies

Provider Country: UK Cities : Douglas, Onchan, Glen Vine, Braddan Country: UK Cities : Central London (Pipex Intel Venture) Country: UK Cities : Unkown […]


So After my site got exploited through one of many out of date test applications , I pulled down my old site ( Redirected to Google) , […]

Located WiMax Model’s For Opnet

 After ongoing communication with Opnet , I have found the Model’s myself curtsey of yours truly: Unfortunately only works on opnet version’s higher then the free […]

Modelling Wireless

Followed through Opnet Tutorial tutorial to work with wireless lans in Opnet ( I have emailed WiMax forum for Wimax Models)