Out the box , when you sync up an email account to your Ipad , it will only download 50 Email Messages. For some people this isn’t even a days worth of email! You can of course tap the “Load More Messages” at the bottom of the email list, but there is an easier way.

If you go to

Settings then Mail , Contacts Calendar then Show

Change the number of Emails to your preference – 25 , 50, 75, 100 or 200

This setting may not now show the e.g. 200 emails. This is due to the “Mail Days To Sync” settings

If you go to

Settings then Mail , Contacts Calendar then Choose your mail account at the top

Change the “Mail Days To Sync” to a larger value to match the value of the “Show” email preference

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I used the existing code here to generate a list of Albums and Galleries from NextGEN Gallery, then used used CSS to produce an Accordion Menu file structure

PHP Code : File Link Here Save this file in your plugins directory : nextgen-gallery/view as “album-list.php” , you can then call this in a wordpress page by using “[album id=0 template=list]” on the page

CSS Code Add this CSS to the bottom of your CSS File in your wordpress theme , edit for your own site color etc File Link Here

Once this has been done , organise your galleries and into albums , then this will start populating!
Link the bullet point image mentioned : http://pariswells.com/upload/arrow.gif
Due to Comments below I have added the whole Style.css based on twenty ten theme : http://pastebin.com/MPmcWzYC and nggallery.css http://pastebin.com/qUhLeCBT just in case it’s changed with a latest version of NextGen


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While trying the install Service Pack 3 on the Windows XP Service Pack 2 Computer the following error messaged showed

‘c:\windows\system32\ntdll.dll’ is open or in use by another applications’

I was installing Service Pack 3 Through Windows Update. I downloaded and ran Process Explorer from SysInternals , This let me use the Find function for searching for process’ calling the ntdll.dll file. After looking at the list , and finding out the process with the type “HANDLE” I found the process using this DLL was infact internet explorer ( iexplorer.exe)! Since this update came from Windows Update there was obviously an issue.

To resolve the issue , I downloaded  the standalone Network Version of SP3 and made sure Internet Explorer was closed before I reran setup

Reran SP3 and the update worked fine!

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Recently a 123-reg.co.uk domain account I use, was disabled. The run up to it , was registering a domain under my account for a friend, then getting for a friend who wanted to use it , to pay for it with his paypal. This was fine until 2 years later , when the domain auto renewed and charged the account to my friends paypal account. Unfortunately my friend didn’t want the domain any more and queried the disputed the paypal transaction. Unknown to me, the two sides had arguments and Paypal refunded the money to my friend, and 123 reg disabled the account due to a payment issue!

Little did I know that this had happened and upon trying to login to the account one day it would not accept my username and password. Upon retyping a few times I use their password reset facility , which sends an email to the account holder and a link to “Change your Password”

Upon clicking on this link it checks an ID value then redirects you to  https://www.123-reg.co.uk/lost-login/change-password.pl ,however after entering the new password twice and choosing “Change Password” button , I was greeted with the following screen, telling me in some unparsed html that there was an error with my request.

After trying again twice , it still produced the same error message! After getting a colleague to check their account was ok with password resets and trying on another computer/IP to check if a cache or cookie problem I found the link the email was trying to take me to was :


I guess this pointed out clearly what was wrong with my account! After calling up their support number they explained to me what had happened, I offered to pay the domain fee ( £7! ) and they offered to accept the payment for an extra £12.50 Administration Fee via bacs which takes up to 3 days even if it is the same bank!

It would have been really useful if 123reg had emailed me or contacted the main account holder (myself) to tell me my account had been suspended. It would have saved some time and investigation, but I am thankful the domain on the account still held it’s DNS records and nameservers in tact which is why it took me 3 weeks to find out something was wrong!


Judging by the look of the url strings , rp.pl file grabs a “t , a and id” value, so rp.pl needs to have a clause in it where if (id = **%20DISABLED%20**) {then send to a correct error page

“Your account is disabled , please call this number Monday – Friday to discuss”}

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Well having had issues with Mcafee before , this was another issue that took some research to find out what was going on! A friend asked me to check an email problem he was having. He had 2 computers in his house on the same net connection. The email was hosted by GoDaddy, one pc was recieving email over IMAP fine , the other had been , but one day decided to stop. The connection windows in thunderbird brought up “thunderbird refused connection”. At first I removed the SSL connection for IMAP and changed the port to 143. This still brought up the same error.

I make sure I could communicate to the imap server and nothing was blocking it router side through telnet

“telnet imap.server.com 143” .

This brought back the correct IMAP headers so communication was fine which was even stranger. I then used the netstat command to find out what was listening and commuicating in the background. Bingo, I found Mcafee version of svchost.eve was listening on pop3 port 110. I thought this was strange as there was no pop3 email accounts setup on this computer. I unistalled Macfee Internet Security which was on a trial with the laptop and has been disabled, and straight away this fixed the email problem without even restarting!
I would like to big up two awesome sites for when you get a new laptop ,

Decrapifier to remove all the trial rubbish and toolbars you get with a new computer that manufactures make tiny amounts on from the software producers, but loose twice as much with support calls due to it

Ninite automated installer for opensource and freeware software

PC Decrapifier


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Old Universal Search

Today Google has changed the way its Google Universal Search performs with results it knows are local. Before when you searched for a sevice with a town in the search phrase e.g. Hair Salon London , a google map would display any local business’ it had in it’s database in that area.

Today when performing a search the Map is now to the right of the listing above the Sponsored Links and the local business listings are in the main organic search column. There is more room now for the business to display it’s google places description and a review if available. This change has confused me quite a bit, there is obiously positives and negatives for a whole range of stakeholders.

1) People who spend money on PPC and don’t have enough budget to make it to the top 3 items on the page are downgraded to the

New Universal Search

listings on the right of the page. You still get clicks but it’s not as prime position as the top of the page. These now will appear quite a bit further down the page ,  which means an even less priority placement on the page. When you scroll down the page the map on the right hand side, follows you down and actually flows over the top of the paid for listings! Local business will have to result to increasing their Adsense Budgets and maximum PPC to make sure they are visible at all on the top 3 results. Your probably looking at around 40p – 70p per click with some local campaigns I have worked on , which is quite an outgoing for one person business’!

2) The places results are now mimicking the look of the existing organic results only identifiable in their natural habitat by the Red Marker. This gives the user searching an advantage of more items available on a single page and according to google cuts down a users search to from 5 – 10 seconds to 2 seconds. Nice!

3) This now puts a huge strain on local business’ to optimise their Google Places listings. One thing I can recommend is CONTENT. Theres no denying google loves content, so make sure you use your google places account to the maximum by placing videos, photos and information about your business.

See what google have to say about Place Search

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This is purely for my own future reference as I like to use this default wordpress theme as a base for all my custom made wordpress themes and I keep having to refind out the CSS works!

How to Define the Titles for Widgets


.widgettitle {color: #db1b1b;}

How to remove all the bullets


.entry ul li:before, #sidebar ul ul li:before {
content: “\00BB \0020”;

How to align the bullet points and remove standard hyperlink

#sidebar ul ul, #sidebar ul ul a, #sidebar ul ol , #sidebar ul ol a {
margin: 5px 0 0 0px;
font-size: 1.2em;
color: #000;


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To setup an Outlook Over http from SBS 2003 box , the SBS self signed certificate needs to be installed manually on the clients computer

Go to Start , All Programs and find your Internet Explorer Icon

Right click on the internet explorer program and choose Run as administrator ( You can also right click on Internet Explorer if it is pinned to your taskbar )

This will open up internet explorer, go to the site where the server certificate is hosted e.g. https://mail.domain.com/remote

it will warn you that the “site certificate is not from a trusted certificate authority”. Click on the link which says “Continue to this website (not recommended)”

After the webpage is displayed , to the right of the address bar , there should be “Certificate Error” in red, if you single click this, then go to view certificates on the popup window

Choose install certificate , choose next , choose the “Place All Certificates in the following store”

Then choose the “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” Folder. choose Ok , Next and Finish. It will then pop up with a window , press OK

It will then bring up a box about a warning about the certificate, click Yes

For SBS 2008 Box’s follow this guide : http://blogs.technet.com/b/sbs/archive/2008/09/30/how-do-i-distribute-the-sbs-2008-self-signed-ssl-certificate-to-my-users.aspx

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A customer had an issue of opening the Windows 7 “Backup Up Now” button. After investigation on this technet thread http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itproui/thread/6a138e65-2834-41ac-bd40-c2344e20b824 it seems the problem is caused by 3rd party application not implementing their context menu(right click option) correctly. This is when you select a file and right click on it and have options such as zipping  it up , or sending it to some backup software.

There are a few applications named and shamed below that cause this with the fix from microsoft :

“So if you have quicksfv installed and are facing this issue, you can either un-install and install the latest one or check for the below reg key and add it if not already present.
1. regedit->
(right click-> New->’String Value’->CTXMENU_NOVERBS->Enter)

Other apps which we have been reported to cause this issue:

i. “MoveTo CopyTo Context Menu” – gives a right click Move To option – Guid {C8F9EE0B-60AE-40C6-930D-6395F46358E5}
ii. “CompareIt!” – (installed with ‘Shell extension’ option) – Guid {398D6F03-7C65-4462-A173-95247F028785}
iii. explorer integration for the trojan scanner “a-squared Free” – Guid {A155339D-CCCD-4714-85EB-3754B804C9DF}
iv. PCmag’s ContextMenuPlus – Guid {EECB3CFB-8757-11D3-9A66-00105A228F4A}
v. J River Media Center 14 – Guid {7578A3D3-CF04-4F4B-A231-43D8F50A4C49}
vi. Quicksfv – Guid {906b0e6e-61ce-11d3-8ee2-0060080a7242}
vii. Handy Backup Software – {21B897E9-4B62-4C3D-A0C5-5FF356E84ADA} // you can reomve the shell integration feature of this to correct the issue.
viii. Easy SFV Creator 2.7.0 by Brad Smith Software – {67FDD158-4C57-4672-A93C-AEDFAACA693F}
ix. JujuEdit.exe. (Guid not available – should be uninstalled)
x. MyWinLocker. (Guid not available – should be uninstalled)
xi. WebEx – Guid {4D185FEC-958C-4DB4-87AA-D4D79A46FAB7}

If the guids are not present in the ‘Objects’ reg key, then you need to add the guid and then add the string value.
1. Go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ShellCompatibility\Objects
2. If the apps guid(mentioned above) is not present, right click on ‘Objects’->New->Key-><guid value>
3. Now click on the <guid> key, on the right side-> new-> ‘String Value’-> CTXMENU_NOVERBS

However after checking through the registery subkeys none of these where installed. I tried to be proactive and go through all the keys in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ShellCompatibility\Objects and add the ‘String Value’-> CTXMENU_NOVERBS , however this was to no avail, so I’m guessing the problem software had forgot to create its GUID here.

Next step was to check through the context menu and find anything there not default with the windows install. There was MagicISO and Express Zip File Compression Software

As Express Zip File Compression Software was the most recently installed , I uninstalled this. After this I was able to rightclick on My Computer and click Manage as well run the Windows 7 Backup and Restore functions

Luckily on the technet article there is a representation from Microsoft.com who suggests this, if all else fails!

And I would need a dump of the explorer process from your machine. Please follow the below steps:
i. Get the machine in the problematic state, ie when the links wont work.
ii. right click on task bar-> Task manager-> process tab-> Explorer.exe-> right click-> Create dump file.
iii. save the file on local disk(could be a few hundred MBs), upload it onto skyDrive space and send the link. You can email the details to lokkum”at”microsoft”dot”com.

Details on the CPPLinks


1. copy the correct architecture exe onto your machine.  Double click on the exe.

2. First page, it asks for a type of file, say Documents.

3. Then pick some random file, may be a .txt file.

4. Generate the report. This should give a link for detailed info.

5. It will give you output in sections. Scroll down to “Verb Handlers” section. This might say some red information about some app returning ‘SUCCEEDED WHERE IT SHOULD NOT’.(ignore the one which says ‘does some I/O during binding’).

6. There will be a guid associated with the above red warning(big number of around 32bits). This is the identifier of the culprit app.

7. Search for this guid in run->regedit-> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ShellCompatibility\Objects\

8. If found, on the right create a new ‘String Value’ with name CTXMENU_NOVERBS=””

9. If not, you will have to create a key with the guid first and then do step 6.

(This will ask the OS to ignore the fault of the app.) After this your links should work fine.

Alternatively at step 4, if you face any difficulty, you have an option to ‘Save log file'(save the report), save it to a file on your desktop and send it across to me. I will try and examine it.

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A client was logging into Small Business Server Remote Web Workplace , however upon initializing the RDP connection with the server. The user was not utilising the full screen size of his local machine and there where black lines surrounding the RDP border. This is usually an issue with resolution set on the initial web settings.

After checking this on clicking Optional Settings before clicking on the selected client computer, this was set to full screen.  The RWW takes these settings on launch and saves them to a Default.rdp file on the local My Documents folder so future connections can utilise these. I checked this file and the resolution had been set to full screen. Upon launching the rdp file and putting in a test Remote Server , the screen opened up to the correct resolution.

The issue was the user had increased the zoom size of Internet Explorer to %125. This means when the RDP client tried to initiate the screen size through internet explorer it had the wrong resolution. Changing this back to 100% ( Toolbar – View , Zoom ) fixed the problem.

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