How to Configure Promoted Links

Promoted Links are very useful and frequently used features in SharePoint. By using the prompted links, users can display links as icons or tiles on the web page.

This document covers the bellow points;

  1. Add a Promoted Link App
  2. Add Items to a Promoted Links App
  3. Edit Items in an existing Promoted Links APP
  4. Add a Promoted Links App

If you want to use a SharePoint Promoted Links in your web site, Promoted Links App should be added first in to the site.

Click on “Add an app” option in SharePoint Online menu.

Click on “Promoted Links” tile in “Apps you can add” section. Give it a name for the new Promoted Link list and hit create.

This will create a new Promoted Links list and you can find it in “Site Contents” area.

  1. Add Items to Promoted Links App

Click on the newly created Promoted Link list in “Site Contents” section. Click on “All Promoted Links” link or click “List” from the top ribbon.

If you clicked on “List”, select “All Promoted Links” option from “Current View” dropdown.

User will be redirected to “Add Items” mode in the newly created Promoted Link list.

Hit “new item” to add a promoted link.

Fill the next form with the necessary details that you want to display in the Promoted Links tile. Following are the parameters in the form;

Title: When a page is rendered, this will be displayed as the default tittle in the link.

Background Image Location: This is the image location for the background image. It is recommended to upload background images to the user’s SharePoint site and copy the URL from there to fill this field in.

Description: This will be displayed when a user takes the mouse over the Promoted Links tile.

Link Location: This is the redirection URL.

Launch Behavior: Users can specify how the new page should be opened.

Order: This is an integer filed that specifies the order of the tiles in Promoted Links App.

  1. Edit Items in an existing Promoted Links App

Go to “Site Contents” and click on the “Promoted Links” list that you want to do the modification.

If the items are displayed in “Tiles” view, go through the “List” tab in the ribbon and get the items changed into “All Promoted Links” view.

Click on the “Edit” icon of the item that you want to modify. If the “Edit” icon is not available, click the item and select “Edit Item” from the “ITEMS” tab in the top ribbon.

Change the details as you wish and it “Save” to complete the modifications.

For example; if you want to change the background image of the link;

Upload the images in to “Site Assets” (Can be found in “Site Contents” section) library of the site collection.

Click on the image that you uploaded. Click on “Copy link” button. Then click on “Copy” button.

Now, edit the “Promoted Link” item and replace “Background Image Location” with the copied new image location.

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We are seeing an increasing number of reports from customers who are using I-phones and have recently updated to IOS 11, that are unable to call businesses who have Avaya and or Cisco CPE’s. Below is a short non-technical description, in my words and a fix that can be implemented on customer CPE’s.

1. It appears that the data packet size has changed in the new upgrade and it appears that there is larger header information in those packets now.
2. This larger packet size is unreadable for Avaya phone systems that are using UDP (undefined Protocol) as they are not being able to put the packets back together upon receiving them.

The Fix is to change the CPE/Phone system to use TCP instead of UDP. Once done, regardless of the 4G or 3G setting, calls should work.

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Recently on a new PC I need to expand a HD disk to another larger HD. Upon boot up the Keyboard and Mouse wouldn’t work

I upgraded to TrueImage 2019 via the Iso link

I followed online advice of when getting to Acronis Menu pressing F11 and typing

quiet acpi=off noapic


In the end I just used CloneZilla Image with These Instructions

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Onedrive CPU high and there are no conflict notifications:


%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset



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There is a tool already in windows which can be used per below

sc.exe create “service name” binpath= “path\to\.exe” start= auto

However, only programs designed to implement ServiceMain can be run as a service with sc.exe. You might get 1053 Errors when creating services with above , if so you’ll need something like



Paid For 

  • FireDaemon
  • AlwaysUp

to run any arbitrary .exe as a service.

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It is possible to disable certain autodiscover steps by creating DWORD entries in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\<version>\Outlook\AutoDiscover registry key.

Note. <version> can be 16.0 for Outlook 2016, 15.0 for Outlook 2013 and 14.0 for Outlook 2010.

The following DWORD entries can be created:

  • ExcludeHttpRedirect
  • ExcludeHttpsAutoDiscoverDomain
  • ExcludeHttpsRootDomain
  • ExcludeScpLookup
  • ExcludeSrvRecord
  • ExcludeLastKnownGoodURL (Outlook 2010 version 14.0.7140.5001 and later)
  • ExcludeExplicitO365Endpoint (Outlook 2016 version 16.0.6741.2017 and later)

Add the DWord of 1 to any of the above to skip the check

Per here


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Disable Clutter Mode in Outlook



  • Office 365 subscriptions billing administrators goes to [email protected] email
  • Azure configured in subscriptions
  • Management
  • Azure using ea configured per department

Organisation Profile

  • Company Information
  • Technical contact
  • Azure AD Connect
  • Get-MsolCompanyInformation
  • Set-MsolCompanyContactInformation -TechnicalNotificationEmails “<email address>”
  • Technical contact should be set to generic IT email address for the client. If in doubt, use
  • Message center preference – disable weekly digest

Azure AD Connect

Notification to generic email address


Security & Compliance

Region and industry settings – configure appropriately

Enable Auditing of admin user activities

  1. Visit an Office 365 admin
  2. Click Search & investigation
  3. Click Audit log search
  4. If it’s not enabled you’ll see a link to Start recording user and admin activities. Click it to enable the Unified Audit Log.

User Accounts

Enforce MFA

Update wallpaper on domain controllers for clients we managed to notify administrator that MFA has been turned on for Office 365.

MFA activation issue default to use SMS, update account to use mobile app


Enable Remember password for 14 days as a company wide settings

Disable user ability to change their password via Office 365 portal, if Azure AD Premium is not purchased.

Otherwise, password write back should be implemented for Azure Premium clients.


Exchange Online

Limit permission for outlook Groups –

Auditing of mailbox – audit owner activities

Legal hold or archiving?

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Per the user guide

The below commands help you change the alerts on a UPS Network Management Card 2 using SSH , cannot be done via Web Interface 

cfgpower -all ( Show all applicable power parameters for this UPS. ) 

cfgpower -l ( 97–106 Set the low transfer point, in VAC. ) 

cfgpower -h (127–136 Set the high transfer point, in VAC.)

cfgpowerov (100 | 120 | 110 |) – Set the outlet voltage, in VAC.

cfgpower -s Normal | Reduced | Low ) – Set the sensitivity, using one of the three arguments.

cfgpower -bu (127 | 130 | 133 |136 | 139 | 142 |145 | 148 ) – Set the bypass upper voltage in VAC; when the voltage rises above this value, the device goes into bypass. )

cfgpower -bl (086 | 088 | 090 | 092 | 094 | 096 | 098 | 100 ) – Set the bypass lower voltage in VAC; when the voltage drops below this value, the device goes into bypass. )

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