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Windows 7 was the main OS, a customer deployed a custom version of IE Created with the MS Internet Explorer Administration Kit. We have no details on the customization used when it was created. Since this time, the PC’s were updated to Windows 10. Also, we have a GPO that enforces “Enhanced Protected Mode”. When the Windows 7 machines were upgraded, not a fresh install, IE would no longer browse. You can type something into the address bar and you basically get no response at all. If you run IE as an Admin, it works just fine. Removing the GPO lets IE work again.

We have tried the following fixes for this:

  • Removing / reinstalling IE via Add/Remove Windows components
  • Creating a new version of IE via IEAK without customizations
  • Tried removing via revo uninstaller
  • Modifying the registry keys for IE CO and then uninstalling
  • Windows Startup Repair via OEM disk

In the end, this version of IE could not be removed, nor could we remove any of the supposed customizations put in place by the initial install of IE via IEAK. The only solution that works is to reimage the computer.

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Get the port number on the switch , if you stack you should get the switch number as well

You can use show int to list all the interfaces , get the switch port value e.g. gi/1/0.8

Use sh int gi1/0/8 to list the port details to make sure its up etc

Next run :

show mac address-table int gi1/0/8

( copy the address it gives you Address )

Next Run this

show arp | incl %macaddressofabove%

If it doesn’t show anything the device might not have an IP ( check port is on correct Vlan )

** A cheat , on a computer connected to the switch on the same Vlan and IP range , you can manually add an IP to the mac address then try and ping/access the device :

In Windows Xp

arp -s %spareip% %macAddress%

In Windows 7

netsh -c interface ipv4 add neighbors “Network Card Name” “IP Address” “MAC Address”
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Windows XP Fix

The HP Laserjet 2011 randomly starts crashing the print spooler in Windows XP. This is a problem with the driver and PDF’s that needs fixing using the following :

Delete the printer and remove it from the registry, in highlighted location.

Then reinstall printer using Laserjet 6 drivers.


 Windows 7 Fix

Extract the DLL files from the zip and paste them in the following location in Win 7 32bit.


Or if Win 7 64bit.


It should ask you to overwrite the existing ones, and that’s it.


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Most software that comes with nework printers ( HP, Brother or Lemark ) addprinters through a WDS Printer Port Interface. This is good when it works, because printers advertise themselves on networks so windows can find them as well as their device driver. Sometimes I find the WDS Service stops on local machines causing issues. Trying to diganose whether the problem is communication related between the computer and the printer or an actual printer issue is hard through WDS. If I go get issues I like to find the IP address of the device to ping it, as well as remapping the device through a Local TCP/IP address instead of WDS. To find the IP address of a printer using WDS in Windows 7 or Visata. If you right click on the print in Device and Printers, and click properties. You should be able to see the Web Services Tab. Click on this and at the bottom should be the IP Address. If the device responds a ping reply, then try changing the port to TCP.

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When trying to open my RDP Client MSTSC.exe , it gave me the follow error: “Remote desktop connection has stopped working” , after looking at the crash it seemed the fault had occured with mstscax.dll

I found the file from a working Windows 7 SP1 32bit machine here : and copied and replaced the dll in C:\Windows\System32\mstscax.dll , which fixed the issue

To get round the trusted installer , you will need to give yourself ownership of the file , then change the security settings so you have full write access to it

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When trying to connect a Windows 7 machine to a fully updated Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 you might get the error message “This computer does not meet the maximum operating system requirements for running client setup”. This is because you need to install Rollup 3 for Windows Small Business Server 2008. It should install off Windows Updates for but some reason sometimes needs to be done manually. To do this manually follow the steps
  • Install the Active X Control
  • Search for “rollup 3”
  • Find “Update Rollup 3 for Windows Small Business Server 2008 (KB969121)”
  • Add To Basket and Download to Server
  • Extraxt, Install and Restart
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