Windows 7 IE Customization Removal for Internet Explorer Administration Kit

Windows 7 was the main OS, a customer deployed a custom version of IE Created with the MS Internet Explorer Administration Kit. We have no details on the customization used when it was created. Since this time, the PC’s were updated to Windows 10. Also, we have a GPO that enforces “Enhanced Protected Mode”. When the Windows 7 machines were upgraded, not a fresh install, IE would no longer browse. You can type something into the address bar and you basically get no response at all. If you run IE as an Admin, it works just fine. Removing the GPO lets IE work again.

We have tried the following fixes for this:

  • Removing / reinstalling IE via Add/Remove Windows components
  • Creating a new version of IE via IEAK without customizations
  • Tried removing via revo uninstaller
  • Modifying the registry keys for IE CO and then uninstalling
  • Windows Startup Repair via OEM disk

In the end, this version of IE could not be removed, nor could we remove any of the supposed customizations put in place by the initial install of IE via IEAK. The only solution that works is to reimage the computer.

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