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How to save existing Document library as Template

Login to Sharepoint then navigate to the Document Library

Go to Library Settings

Save template ( with or without the content ) 

Next go to the Site where you want to create the new Library and create a new App ( NOT Document library )

Search for your new Template

And Add this with the new Name

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Recently a user was trying to use the Edit functionality of a Sharepoint Online List using Classic View with over 5000+ Items. To which they got when trying to change the view to modify the above error Cannot show the value of the filter

To fix this

  1. Create a new View and set the sort of this view to the users Sort


    Filter the view to only get a select amount of items ( not the 5000+ all ) 

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A customer was using Sharepoint via office 365 using Drive Mappings to their different libraries. We use Network locations deployed via group policy to enable users to access files in Windows Explorer. The customer uses 2fa however we have AD Premium P1 Licenses to whitelist the Office IP’s.

The customer would need to login to Internet explorer once and save the browser cookie and the drives would map.

This was working fine until we enabled AAD connect Single Sign in their environment to simplify signing in. Drives would suddenly start to drop off randomly. Remapping a single library manually by going to any one of the libraries and choosing “View in File Explorer” per below would fix the issue until the next day

Remove the AAD connect Single Sign in from their environment resolved the issue …. must be a bug with SSO and Passing through Sharepoint libraries in IE

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Can be done in powershell :

Or :

Map the Sharepoint Document Library to a Network Drive

Now run this which will replicate the folders Locally ( xcopy to Sharepoint Library does not work ) 

xcopy “X:\1718ClientFinancesTA\*”  “C:\Temp\FY\*” /T /E

Now Use Windows Explorer to copy the folders in C:\Temp\FY\ to your new Folder in Sharepoint

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  1. Add your sharepoint site to your trusted sites 
  2. Navigate to your Sharepoint Library in ( Internet Explorer ) and on the right hand side choose VIEW in File Explorer
  3. If you are in the old version of Sharepoint you might need to go here
  4. On the screen that pops up copy the File path at the top
  6. Select This PC and MAP network Drive
  7. Enter the URL in this link
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After deploying some sharepoint lists using Group Policy via Microsoft Outlook 2016/Account Settings/SharePoint Lists

The Lists would not add unless the user had clicked Allow to this error : 

Do you want to allow this website to open a program on your computer?

Image result for Do you want to allow this website to open a program on your computer?

From: companyweb

Program: Microsoft Outlook

Address: stssync://sts/?ver=1.1&type=tasks&cmd=add-folder&base-url=http%3A%2F%2Fcompanyweb&list-url=%2FLists%2FTasks%2F&guid=%7Bcf8bbfb4%2D575b%2D4dce%2Da800%2D5b34ac1786f1%7D&site-name=Corporate%20Intranet&list-name=Tasks

This error can stopped being displayed by deploying the below reg key : 

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ProtocolExecute

Add Key stssync

In that Key Create a Dword :  “WarnOnOpen=dword:00000000.”

For this to apply to All users on the machine apply to the Key’s below

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ProtocolExecute\stssync

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ProtocolExecute\stssync

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The first delay is a long cycle of checking every file mentioned in the VSS writers metadata. There are 8 million of FILESTREAM blobs on that server. This must be what causes this cycle to be so long for that volume.


Please download the bundle here:

To install, do the following on Veeam server and any Guest Interaction proxies that you have:
1. Locate C:\Program Files (x86)\Veeam\Backup Transport\GuestInteraction\VSS\VeeamGuestHelpers
2. Rename VeeamVssSupport2003_X86.dll to VeeamVssSupport2003_X86.dll_old
3. Rename VeeamVssSupport2008R2_X64.dll to VeeamVssSupport2008R2_X64.dll_old
4. Rename VeeamVssSupportXP_X86.dll to VeeamVssSupportXP_X86.dll_old
5. Extract new versions of these 3 DLL files from the archive.

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How to Configure Promoted Links

Promoted Links are very useful and frequently used features in SharePoint. By using the prompted links, users can display links as icons or tiles on the web page.

This document covers the bellow points;

  1. Add a Promoted Link App
  2. Add Items to a Promoted Links App
  3. Edit Items in an existing Promoted Links APP
  4. Add a Promoted Links App

If you want to use a SharePoint Promoted Links in your web site, Promoted Links App should be added first in to the site.

Click on “Add an app” option in SharePoint Online menu.

Click on “Promoted Links” tile in “Apps you can add” section. Give it a name for the new Promoted Link list and hit create.

This will create a new Promoted Links list and you can find it in “Site Contents” area.

  1. Add Items to Promoted Links App

Click on the newly created Promoted Link list in “Site Contents” section. Click on “All Promoted Links” link or click “List” from the top ribbon.

If you clicked on “List”, select “All Promoted Links” option from “Current View” dropdown.

User will be redirected to “Add Items” mode in the newly created Promoted Link list.

Hit “new item” to add a promoted link.

Fill the next form with the necessary details that you want to display in the Promoted Links tile. Following are the parameters in the form;

Title: When a page is rendered, this will be displayed as the default tittle in the link.

Background Image Location: This is the image location for the background image. It is recommended to upload background images to the user’s SharePoint site and copy the URL from there to fill this field in.

Description: This will be displayed when a user takes the mouse over the Promoted Links tile.

Link Location: This is the redirection URL.

Launch Behavior: Users can specify how the new page should be opened.

Order: This is an integer filed that specifies the order of the tiles in Promoted Links App.

  1. Edit Items in an existing Promoted Links App

Go to “Site Contents” and click on the “Promoted Links” list that you want to do the modification.

If the items are displayed in “Tiles” view, go through the “List” tab in the ribbon and get the items changed into “All Promoted Links” view.

Click on the “Edit” icon of the item that you want to modify. If the “Edit” icon is not available, click the item and select “Edit Item” from the “ITEMS” tab in the top ribbon.

Change the details as you wish and it “Save” to complete the modifications.

For example; if you want to change the background image of the link;

Upload the images in to “Site Assets” (Can be found in “Site Contents” section) library of the site collection.

Click on the image that you uploaded. Click on “Copy link” button. Then click on “Copy” button.

Now, edit the “Promoted Link” item and replace “Background Image Location” with the copied new image location.

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Recently had a user who could not access the Sharepoint site via Chrome/IE, it kept presenting the user with a username and password box. Other users in the organisation could access it fine.

On another computer we used the Sharepoint option of Signing In As Different User and signed in as the problem user and it worked fine.

Checking the proxy settings on the computer to make sure the URL/Server address was being bypassed which it was.

Went to Credential Manager in Control Panel

Removed the Windows Credentials for reference to the website, Fixed!


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