Block USB Mass Storage With Intune

From help here Prevent Write and Execute access to non-approved removable storage using Device Control and Microsoft Intune – Name Configure Removable Storage Access Control OMA-URI […]

Block Internet Explorer with AppLocker In Intune

OMA URI : ./Vendor/MSFT/AppLocker/ApplicationLaunchRestrictions/apps/EXE/Policy String :  <RuleCollection Type=”Exe” EnforcementMode=”Enabled”> <FilePathRule Id=”70904818-599a-4ccb-90f2-4a7506f08117″ Name=”Block IE 11″ Description=”” UserOrGroupSid=”S-1-1-0″ Action=”Deny”><Conditions><FilePathCondition Path=”C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\*” /></Conditions></FilePathRule> </RuleCollection>