I recieved the following email from Air Asia this morning. I’m guessing they have a massive Vegetarian Fried Rice fan base for a personalised email to be sent about this subject. On the other side it could be a very clever social media ploy to get people to write about it , but it’s worked. I’ve never heard of Mock , but from what I can tell it’s Chicken based , but I’m guessing they are going for the veggie Mock


We will be discontinuing the Vegetarian Fried Rice from 1st June 2011 onwards.

Vegetarian Fried Rice will be replaced with Vegetarian Fried Rice (with Mock Drumsticks)
for all AirAsia QZ flights.

Vegetarian Fried Rice (With Mock Drumsticks)


However, if you would like to have other meals instead, kindly proceed to Manage My Booking to make your changes online or contact our Call Centre.

Additional fees will not be incurred unless the price of the newly selected meal is higher than the price of the original meal.

Wishing you a pleasant flight!

Best Regards,
Catering & In-Flight Management AirAsia Berhad

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Sometimes people want to send an email to all the people who have ever emailed them , like a big company name change / email address etc. I was looking for some software to do this , but turns out you can do this via a Macro


  • Open Outlook
  • Press the ALT+F11 to open the Macro Editor
  • Click on Tools , References and make sure Microsoft Scripting Runtime/Dictionary is ticket
  • Press ok , then on the left hand side , choose the project 1 , microsoft outlook object and ThisOutlookSession
  • Copy the following code from the raw paste data here
  • Press the F5 Key to run the macro , and you should be ask to choose a folder
  • Press the Ctrl G Key after the Macro has run ( Might take some time depending how big the inbox is ) to bring up the results below
  • You can then copy this into a text file , or in a BCC to To filed to send off the email

would like to reference help from http://geekswithblogs.net/VROD/archive/2008/11/08/126878.aspx

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A new Asus computer out the box had been setup with the region settings of English (United Kingdom) , however in some .net programs the date format still showed as English (United States)

This looks like a common problem with some Windows 7 Sysprepped Machines. To reset the date do the following

  • Control Panel
  • Region and Language
  • Change the Format to anything else but English (United Kingdom)
  • Click Apply
  • Change the Format back to English (United Kingdom)

This should fix the problem

Control Panel

Region and Language

Change the Format to anything else but English (United Kingdom)

Click Apply

Change the Format back to English (United Kingdom)

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I had a Dymo 400 Label Machine which was working fine on a Windows 2008 Terminal server using the 7.8 Software. A Dymo Label 450 Turbo label machine was purchased which needed installing on the same terminal server.

7.8 Version of the software does require an update for it to work with a 450 Turbo Printer which is here

After installing the version 8.3 software on the server , upon launching the program the following message was displayed “DYMO Label Software has stopped working”

To install the 8.3 software on a 2008 Terminal Server you need 3.5  .Net Framework instructions here . After installing this the program ran fine.

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Recently I was trying to activate a blackberry using Blackberry Internet Serivces ( BIG )  on a new Small business server 2008 Box. I went through the normal settings of

Username : domain\username

Password : password

Webmail Address : https://mail.domain.com/owa

Mailbox : username

However the server address could not be verified, I checked the link and tried to login as the user through webmail and logged me in fine.

I then tested the server through the EWS ( Exchange Web Services )  by trying to log the user in via https://mail.domain.com/ews using the same username and password. This did not let me in which would explain why the blackberry wasn’t validating. A server reboot did not fix the issue so ran “iisreset /noforce” which fixed the issue and allowed me to validate the email , however it seemed to go back to its old ways 30 Minutes later

I downloaded Update rollup 10 installed an rebooted into the server , and seems to have rectified the issue

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A computer running Windows Vista had the error message “Lupdate Mfc Application Has Stopped Working” appear on every startup. Google results suggested the computer was infected by spyware , but after a scan with malware bytes and Microsoft Security Essentials , there was no sign of any infection. Further searches showed that Printer Programs could be the issue. I used MSconfig Startup Options to remove the Samsung Printer Control panel and restarted the computer. This fixed the issue. Further diagnostics prove that is could be a program called “openwares liveupdate” If removing the printer software from startup did not fix the issue

openwares liveupdate
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When going into Microsoft Exchange via Webmail and Internet Explorer and opening a New Email to compose , the text area where you enter the content of the message displays as a Red Cross. This only happens in Internet Explorer and not other browsers such as firefox, reports show this is a problem with internet explorer and the solution is to install the S/MIME install manually:

The Solution:
1. In OWA, click on the “options” in the left Task Pane.

2. Under “E-mail Security” and Click Install or Upgrade the S/MIME Control. This will download a new add-on.

3. Click “RUN” when asked about the Microsoft Outlook Web Access S/MIME install and security warning.

4. Restart IE ( Computer does not need restarting )

However installing this fixed the problem , but when sending or closing the box it crashed Internet Explorer. This KB article described the issue


However I did not have access to the exchange server , I did login to another exchange server which had been updated and downloaded the latest setupmcl.exe which can be downloaded here:


After installing this , it fixed both problems!

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After installing Kapersky Antivirus from fresh and trying to activate the product with a Key file , it came up with the following error

“Activation error. Digital signature is either missing or corrupted”

I redownloaded the key file and it still brought up the message. After looking on Kav Knowledge base , and looking to check if the Ask toolbar was installed (which it wasn’t). I unistalled Kapersky , Restarted the Computer and rinstalled. This resolved the problem!

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I’ve been promoting a local business. Now the main task is to get the Google Places up as soon as possible. I also submit to as many local directories as possible! I performed this over a weekend and I was taken back how many calls I recieved the following Monday of people wanting to sell me premium membship to these directory sites. The phone call ususally goes along the lines of

“Hows your website doing at the moment , is your website important to you, we can help you become top for your keyword etc etc”

I just wanted to get down to the actual price figure like most sales calls, I was amazed at some of the prices being ask for by some of these companys e.g.
Applegate : £500/Year

City Visitor : £500/Year

Qype : £250/ Month per country!

Thompson : £300 for 1 Town and £360 2 Town

Yell.com : £39 / Month for 6 Month Trial – ( They partner with google to get you up the listings!)
I guess this is down to the fact how google ranks places listings first for local search , and submission to these directories via sponsored links can help your google places rankings!

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Setting up a Draytek or your own router with Bethere or 02 is different from usual ISP’s. If your draytek’s show time is up and synced but your router is stuck on “Starting PPP” then “PPP Shutdown” when pressing Dial PPPoa , then you might want to try this :

Instead of PPPoe/PPPoa Authentication , choose MPoA (RFC1483/2684) and enter the settings here.
1483 Bridged LLC is the right option with VPI: O and VCI: 101 ( You won’t need a username and password )
Settings from O2’s site are here  : http://www.o2help.co.uk/broadband-settings/

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