ShadowCopyVolume Scheduled Task Failing with 0x2

In monitoring we recently saw a Scheduled Task for a Shadow Copy Job failing with 0x2.After running the Action manually in CMD I go the below errorC:\Windows\system32>C:\Windows\system32\vssadmin.exe […]

How to List Folder Permissions for User Shares and Reset the NTFS permissions

List the permissions on all the folders[pastacode lang=”markdown” user=”pariswells” repos=”public-code” path_id=”ListFolderPermission.ps1″ revision=”” highlight=”” lines=”” provider=”github”/]Change the permissions[pastacode lang=”markdown” user=”pariswells” repos=”public-code” path_id=”FixUserFolderNTFSPermissions.ps1″ revision=”” highlight=”” lines=”” provider=”github”/]

How to generate ADFS / 365 Claim Rules

Previously, we used a development instance of Azure AD Connect with a development Azure AD tenant to investigate the rules. However, Microsoft has created new functionality in […]