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When Ciphertrust Managers ( Key Secures ) loose access to their Corresponding HSM device , they go in an offline state per below

The Certificates for the devices go back to self signed as well ( web-firstboot.keysecure.local ) 

On Reboot you get the normal locked issue of the boot device

When running

ksctl diskenc secureboot -i "Z:\PEMFile" --url https://keysecure --configfile file.yaml 

it might display the below error

Make sure your Yaml file is correct

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What are the benefits of adding a Manager to a user in AD?
Build Organisation Charts on the fly
If you build the right structure of Managers and subordinates, in Outlook 2013 and up when you click on the user, you can see the Organization Chart of the company ( rather than building a separate one )  under Organization

In Office 365 Managers get Notifications of User deletions as well as access to the users OneDrive

When an office 365 account is deleted or the Ad Sync Item is removed ( Either by deleting the object or removing the AD Sync group from the user ) it has 30 days before it gets deleted ( Emails and Files )

The manager get notified of this at 30 days , then again at 7 days

Creation of a Team Calendar

Outlook will automatically add Team Members ( who have the same Manager ) calendars to each outlook, as well as the managers
This functionality can be disabled if needed 

Expand : User Configuration – Policies – Administrative Templates – Microsoft Outlook 2010 or/and 2013 or 2016– Outlook Options – Preferences – Calendar Options – Schedule View

And Set policy Prevent Reporting Line Group Calendar from appearing .

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