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Exception error highlighted in red:

2020-04-17T00:15:01.297Z cpu3:6375497)@BlueScreen: #PF Exception 14 in world 6375497:vmnic0-0-tx IP 0x41800f027133 addr 0x2


Just prior to crash:

2020-04-17T00:14:37.248Z cpu8:2097623)igbn: igbn_CheckTxHang:1699: vmnic0: false hang detected on TX queue 0

2020-04-17T00:14:37.268Z cpu8:2097623)igbn: igbn_CheckRxHang:1557: vmnic0: false hang detected on RX queue 0

2020-04-17T00:15:01.138Z cpu4:2097232)igbn: indrv_UplinkReset:1535: indrv_UplinkReset : vmnic0 device reset started

2020-04-17T00:15:01.224Z cpu5:2097625)igbn: igbn_CheckLink:1316: Link went down for device 0x43073a472540

Vmware KB:

The PSOD is because of a race between reset and data path. There are two issues here:

Tx queue xmit and completion path ran into a race

The above race caused queue stuck and uplink reset, which ran into the PSOD.

Identified thanks to these legends in the vmware reddit:


Fixed in later driver release:

Bug Fixes:


– Fixed intermittent TX hang due to race condition between start and stop of TX queue.

– Fixed duplicate nic reset due to race condition between uplink reset and watchdog threads.

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Recently a user kept getting the above happen on Adobe Acrobat. Turns out its an incompatibility with Intel and Adobe Acrobat to do with Scaling

  1. Right Click on an empty space on your Desktop and go to Intel Graphic Settings
  2. Go to Display Settings > Advanced display settings
  3. Click on “Display adapter properties for Display #” (Choose the affected screen in case you have two monitors or do the following steps for both monitors).
  4. In the adapter properties, go to “Intel HD Graphics Control Panel” tab
  5. In the “Scaling” setting choose “Maintain Aspect Ratio”
  6. Save settings if it gives you the option or just close out.


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