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Secondary mailboxes

When Outlook 2016 released, the plan was to only support FAST search on your primary mailbox. However, starting in the Fall of 2017, you should see that any Exchange email account added through File | Account Settings (also known as MultiEx or multiple Exchange accounts) now fully supports FAST search.


If you are limited to using an older build of Outlook 2016 and search in a MultiEx mailbox, the FAST query may be submitted in the context of the logged on user (you). This causes the search results to be pulled from your own mailbox, not the secondary mailbox that currently has the focus in your Outlook client. If you are unable to upgrade your Outlook 2016 client to the November 2017 Monthly Channel Build, you can temporarily work around this limitation by using one of the following options:

  • Change the search scope to All Outlook Items, Subfolders, or All Mailboxes
  • Disable Outlook 2016’s use of FAST search via policy or local user registry setting (see the next section)

Note Other types of secondary stores, such as those added via Open these additional mailboxes or those that are automatically configured via AutoMapping, are still limited to WDS.




I’ve found users report searching still sucks in their shared and/or secconday mbxs. So per document set the below DWORD key to 1 if a user reports this – though I’m still waiting to hear if there are negative connotations to this change



Disable Server Assisted Search

Group Policy registry path:
DWORD: DisableServerAssistedSearch

Disables Outlook from requesting and using Search results from Exchange for cached and non-cached mailbox items. Instead, it will use search results from W

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A company who had recently upgraded its Client PC’s to Outlook 2016 from Outlook 2010 and were using Exchange 2016 were starting to get

Out Of Office not working and also Free and Busy

After the removal of Microsoft Exchange Web Services Managed API 2.2  on Exchange 2016 server the problem with Out of Office was fixed an the EventID 5011 warnings in the eventvwr are gone

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VERBOSE: Connecting to exchange-2016.domain.local
New-PSSession : [exchange-2016.domain.local] Connecting to remote server exchange-2016.domain.local failed with the following
error message : [ClientAccessServer=EXCH01,,RequestId=75c539ee-5e13-4e23-b28c-d9dc6d
23b282,TimeStamp=7/31/2014 1:43:33 PM] [FailureCategory=Cafe-SendFailure]  For more information, see the
about_Remote_Troubleshooting Help topic.
At line:1 char:1
+ New-PSSession -ConnectionURI “$connectionUri” -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Excha …


Step by step procedure:

1. Launch IIS Manager

2. Expand “Sites” under the server with this issue

3. Click on “Exchange Back End”

4. In the actions pane to the right, click on “Bindings”

5. Select the https type and click on “Edit”

6. Select the appropriate certificate and click on Ok.

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