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Use this to Generate a Command for Open SSL e.g the below

openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -out test_test_com.csr -keyout test_test_com.key -subj "/C=US/ST=Test/L=/O=Test/" 

Now add to the end : -config “C:\Program Files\Autonomy\WorkSite\Apache\conf\openssl.cnf”

In Comand Prompt Navigate to Openssl.exe (  C:\Program Files\Autonomy\WorkSite\Apache\bin ) 

Run the full command

openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -out test_test_com.csr -keyout test_test_com.key -subj "/C=US/ST=Test/L=/O=Test/" -config "C:\Program Files\Autonomy\WorkSite\Apache\conf\openssl.cnf"

It will generate a .csr and a .key file , copy these to C:\SSL

Use the CSR with your certificate Authority to Generate a .crt file and also a chain file

Download these to C:\SSL

Open the file : C:\Program Files\Autonomy\WorkSite\Apache\conf\worksite.conf

Add or Change the Lines to the below

SSLCertificateFile “C:\SSL\certs_test_test_com.crt”
SSLCertificateKeyFile “C:\SSL\test_test_com.key”
SSLCertificateChainFile “C:\SSL\certs_DigiCertCA.crt”

Restart iManage Work Server Service



Copy “C:\SSL\test_test_com.key” to “C:\SSL\test_test_comkey.pem”

Open certs_test_test_com.crt with Notepad and copy the contents into a new file

Open certs_DigiCertCA.crt with Notepad and copy the contents to the below of the new file ( directly under the other certificate on a new Line ) 

Save this as C:\SSL\test_test_comfullchain.pem

On the Worksite Service Properties  , Configure Hosted DM

Change .PEM files to your new file



Restart iManageMicroServiceHub Service

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Login to N-Central with the username :

This process will take the N-able server down so it will need to be in Scheduled Outage


Enter the details of the company and click Generate – This will create a self signed cert on the server and restart the web interface , if you have any issues logged in , use firefox as this copes better with Self Signed Certs

Copy CSR that is has created

Go to Digi Cert and Re-Download Button and Enter your CSR

Download a Bundle of all CER’s together


Upload this via SSL certificate ( this will reboot the webinterface ) 


Any issue with the upload you might need to Rechain the file yourself , if so choose

Then use this to order and create a CRT to upload

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Open Netscaler and generate RSA Key

Create a new RSA key 

Create a new CSR



Request File Name is name.csr

Key FileName is the RSA key you just generated

Digest Method : SHA 256

Use PEM and Enter Company Details

Once CSR Created , download and open this key and enter it into your Cert Provider.

Download the New Key as a .PEM format 

Upload the New Key to the Certificates

Install the Certificate

Certificate File Name is the one you have uploaded from your provider ( .pem ) 

The Key File Name is the RSA Key you generated at the start

Install CA/Intermediate certs

If the certificate requires any Intermediate certs, Upload these to Certificates, then install

Link the CA Certificates with the new SSL Certificate

Right Click on your certificate you have installed under following directory and click Link , choose the CA cert that matches its chain


Change the SSL Cert on the Netscaler Virtual Server and Load Balancer

Navigate to your Virtual Server


Choose Server Certificate 

Add Binding

Select your new certificate . Select and Bind

Repeat step on Load Balancer


Make sure you SAVE THE CONFIG!

Test the chain using :


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