Zerto Protected VM drive shows as RAW on test restore of MSCS File Server

Recently during a DR test we spun up a file server that was protected using Microsoft Shared Cluster Services. The drives where mapped using a Physical Lun. Zerto protects this as long as you backup the Active Node of the cluster.

On Startup you need to change the VM Scsi mapping from Physical to None

Once booted , you should stop the Cluster Service and start is again with the /fixquorum flah

net start clussvc /fixquorum.

Now open the Cluster Manger and remove the Disks from the Server ( you will need to do this twice for each drive )

Once removed , stop the cluster service

bring Online the Disks in Computer manager.

If the disks come up as Raw , you will need to go back and perform a ReSync , then bring up again

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