Worksite Import Failed – iManage/Worksite Email

  1. Login to iManage / Worksite Communication Server 
  2. Go to : C:\inetpub\mailroot\Badmail to see the bad mail
  3. Open up one of the emails with wordpad / notepad
  4. Get the Folder ID ( FID ) of where the email is being filed
  5. Get the username of the operator trying to file the email (Control + F “ref” can help alot)

Subject: RE: xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Our Ref:  xxxxxx)[xxx-xxx.FID102361]
If the IRN is not visible in the subject, look for the folder ID


From this example, the folder ID is 650594.

Put that folder id into this SQL query and run it against the iManage SQL database:

Replace the XXXXXXX with the folder ID

select * from [%imanageDBName%].[MHGROUP].[PROJECT_NVPS] where PRJ_ID=’XXXXXXXX’
Look for the value of iMan_26. this is the IRN:

You may also use:
select * from [%imanageDBName%].[MHGROUP].[PROJECTS] where PRJ_ID=’XXXXXXXXX’

The IRN can be found under the PRJ_DESCRIPT column:
Once you have IRN,

In Outlook search for the workspace that is found in the reference number.
if reference number does not exsist search for a document and use the FID number to find workspace number.
open the IRN Workspace in Filesite/Outlook
expand the IRN so you can see the “File” Folder
right click on the “File” folder , click properties
click profile tab
select the operator Click “Add/Edit” button
The operator might have a Red Circle on it
this means the User is disabled – Enable the user or change to the live user.
Change to the live user is prefered
Click yes to the prompt (don’t need to tick any boxes) let it update, once complete click “close”
Now cut + paste the email from C:\inetpub\mailroot\Badmail to C:\inetpub\mailroot\Drop , make sure it does not go back into C:\inetpub\mailroot\Badmail.
If we see many emails (over 3) in the badmail folder the comms server may have lost contact with the DB server.
Start the worksite service manager from deskop (imanage user)

Check that the service account isn’t locked out 
Move all badmails to the drop folder and see what get’s bounced to badmail and work from there.
If doing alot of these, you may want to edit Communications Server port so it doesn’t bombard users with emails
Check User filing with email Enabled in the Database?
User filing has write access to database ( Archive01 only read only ) ?
User filing has the same Email Address she’s sending from then the Same in AD as iManage ?
Try enabling all users and refilling all
Check the Workspace Folder double check the author / operator is installed and change to enabled user

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