Why to pay someone to manage your 365 Tenancy

Issue I found with someone trying to manage their 365 tenancy inhouse with no IT knowledge 

  1. 365 Tenancy set up in the wrong country ( Apparently according to our CSP Partner who got someone from Microsoft on a call with the customer, this is actually against Microsoft’s Terms of Service? ) , but also means we can’t procure new licenses or arrange support via our CSP.
  2. Multiple ( Breakglass ) non named generic admin accounts e.g. [email protected] and [email protected] with Global Admin privileges without 2fa and not sure about the strength of the passwords.
  3. Assigned ( Breakglass ) non named Global admin users a Mailbox license to use for SMTP send email from Scanners
  4. Assigned multiple named Users ( Non IT ) in the organization Global Admin
  5. Did not know about Shared Mailboxes so created user mailboxes and purchased licenses for all their shared email accounts and shared the email and passwords around so users could add these to their outlook ( Using add account method ) 
  6. Old Users Mailboxes left on with Licenses indefinitely to make sure they still had access to Mailbox email ( Instead of converting to Shared and removing licenses)
  7. Contractors were setup as a b2b guest user via their third party email and a normal Azure Ad user  and had licenses assigned to both 
  8. Assigned users duplicates of License ( Exchange Online Plan P1 License on top of Office 365 Business Standard ) – When they tried to remove the Exchange Online Plan P1 License after we  pointed out , they didn’t enable the Exchange Online Plan P1 product on  Office 365 Business Standard license so email )
  9. Groups have been duplicated to the following ( Same group name different emails)  One Distribution Group , One 365 Group , One 365 Group with Teams Enabled
  10. No Two Factor Authentication
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