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  1. It is not a good idea to target the primary and backup copy job to the same repository as this negates the 321 rule and if an issue was to occur on that repository the primary and secondary copies of data would be lost.
  2. Instead it would be better to use a primary repository configured with ReFS and then have a secondary location configured with Windows Deduplication (Compression should be off instead of auto).
  3. It is not generally considered a good idea to have deduplication for the primary backup chain as this effects performance and increases RTPOs.
  4. The actual space savings depend on the change rate of the source data and the types of chains that are used on the ReFS repository. Also ReFS savings don’t show when viewed through file explorer. To learn more about checking the files savings please take a look at these links;

  1. Some limitation worth mentioning are Windows deduplication is for 4TB files so larger files will not be completely deduped. Also GFS doesn’t show ReFS savings until the point is synthesized as up to this point it will only shows as an incremental and changed blocked cannot be reused by ReFS pointers.



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