Understanding Mimecast Audit Logs


Failed authentication for XXXX, Date: 2019-11-26, Time: 13:26:01 AEDT, IP: X.X.X.X, Application: MfO, Method: IWA, Reason: Wrong password


Failed authentication for XXXX, Date: 2019-11-22, Time: 15:13:23 AEDT, IP: X.X.X.X, Application: App Launcher, Method: EWS Basic, Reason: Wrong password

Application: MfO = Mimecast for Outlook

Application: App Launcher = MyApps Webbased portal

Method = IWA ( Intergrated Windows Authentication ) usually from the Mimecast Outlook Add In

Method =  EWS Basic ( Used by Domain Authentication to check onprem ) 

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