SQL Licensing

Software Assurance

 License Mobility refers to the ability to move virtual instances from host to host and between server farms. SQL server needs Software Assurance for License Mobility.

Software Assurance can only be added after the fact if the above 90 day condition is met. Otherwise it must be purchased alongside the license itself. Software Assurance also cannot be added to existing License only volume licensing regardless of when it was purchased. 

SQL Server

Please note that there are 2 ways of licensing SQL Server Standard:

  • Per-Core Model
    • All physical cores must be licensed if run on the physical host or
    • All cores assigned to the virtual machine must be licensed if run in a virtual environment
    • A minimum of 4 cores must be licensed per virtual OSE or per physical processor (depending on how it will be deployed)
    • The core licenses come in packs of 2, so a minimum of 2 are required to be purchased.
    • No SQL Server CAL’s are required to access the server
  • Server / CAL Model
    • One license is needed to run one instance of SQL Server on the host
    • SQL Server User or Device CAL’s are required to connect to the Server either directly or indirectly


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