Setting up Blackberry’s GPRS and gprs in lower case

gprs on blackberry When setting up a single user blackberry, I would recommend using the Blackberry Internet Services rather than say Blackberry Desktop Redirector as Internet Services has guaranteed uptime and easier to administer. Sometimes after you setup your blackberry on Internet Services after registering your phone on the Vodafone Network by insert your sim card and powering the device on , email still does not load on the blackberry. This is usally down to your service provider not enabling your account for Blackberry or GPRS. To test this make sure your GPRS symbol is in capitals instead of Lowercase. Lowercase gprs and edge means that the phone can see the gprs or edge network , but cannot authenticate to it ( Usually due to your provider blocking it) Another way to tell if your phone has a data connection is to it type *#105# from your Blackberry handset then press the call button. This should return something like this CS: 447785013100 VF-Usk Registered 04-Oct-2008 19:01:40 PS: 447785012610 SGSNMS1 Registered 06-Oct-2008 18:39:25 CS Stands for Circuit Switched ( What your telephone calls use ) PS Stand for Packet Switched ( What your internet uses ) Make sure your phone has a value for both of these WIRELESS CONNECTION STATUS INDICATORS: EDGE: You can use the phone, send/receive email, PIN, SMS text & MMS msgs & use the browser with a high speed data connection. GPRS: You can use the phone, send/receive email, PIN, SMS text & MMS msgs & use the browser. edge, gprs, GSM: You can use the phone and send receive SMS text msgs. SOS: You can only make emergency calls OFF: You Blackberry Curve’s radio is turned off. X: You are not in a wireless coverage area.
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Setting up Blackberry's GPRS and gprs in lower case, 6.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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