Resolve issues related to power consumption alerts reported by the CISCO Chassis

Problem Description:

  1. [FSM:FAILED]: Cap the power consumption of chassis 1(FSM:sam:dme:EquipmentChassisPowerCap). Remote-Invocation-Error: Error in setting power cap budget-MC Error(-5): Error Executing Command
  2. Warning: there are pending management I/O errors on one or more devices, failover may not complete.


UCSM:Package-Vers: 3.1(3a)A

Action Taken:

+ Tried changing the power cap policy from Chassis level to blade level and back to chassis level, fault did not clear.


Rebooted FI-IOM B, all faults are cleared.

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GD Star Rating

Tags: Chasis, Cisco, UCS-FI-M-6324

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