powershell SID history updates in ACLs can be added instead of replaced.

MS Guide

Old : Active Directory PowerShell SIDHistory Module Update 1.5 | Microsoft Docs

New : PowerShell Module for Active Directory SID History Now Faster | Microsoft Docs

Archives script here

TechNetGalleryArchive/SIDHistoryModule.zip at master · GoateePFE/TechNetGalleryArchive · GitHub

Take Ownership ( Run in Powershell for the 255 Chat ) 

TAKEOWN /F “E:\Gdrive\Folder” /a /r /d y

Add Permission ( Run in Powershell for the 255 Chat ) 

ICACLS “E:\Gdrive\Departments\Executive Management\Budget 2014” /grant administrators:F /t

Regex for SID


Find User or Group
Get-ADObject -IncludeDeletedObjects -Filter * -Properties * | where{$_.objectSid -eq "S-1-5-21-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXX"} | Select objectSid,CanonicalName | Add-Content sidhash.txt

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