Nimble Space Savings Estimator Script

We wanted to swap a new SAN for a customer and our distributor wanted us to run the Nimble Space Savings Estimator , to find out how big the device needed to be.  Unlike Dell with LiveOptics tool , you have to run this across EVERY virtual machine, and run it across all drives for it to scan. I wrote a tool we could use inside BatchPatch to run this .exe from a share across all VM’s

This needs to be run out of hours due to heavy scanning of disk

#Find All Drives on PC (Not CDRom\System Partition)
$drives = Get-Volume | Where-Object {($_.FileSystemLabel -ne "System Reserved") -and ($_.DriveType -eq "Fixed")}

Foreach ($drive in $drives)

#Get DriveLetter
$drive = $drive.DriveLetter
& "\\share\Space Savings Estimator\NimbleSSE.exe" $drive`:

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