Migrate between Operator Connect and Direct Routing for Teams Calling


For Inbound remove the number from Direct Connect

Remove-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -Identity $user.user -PhoneNumber $user.phonenumber -PhoneNumberType DirectRouting

Then do a Sync on Operator Connect Portal which will Sync the numbers back to Teams

Then ReAssign the numbers back to the users

$users =import-csv (CSV name)
Foreach($user in $users) { Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -Identity $user.user -PhoneNumber $user.phonenumber -PhoneNumberType OperatorConnect}

For Outbound

  • Teams Direct Routing is added to a deployment that already has Calling Plans or Operator Connect.  
  • Calling Plans or Operator Connect are added to a deployment that already has Teams Direct Routing 
  • Unintentional routing of calls for Calling Plan or Operator Connect users will occur when the Global (org-wide default) Online Voice Routing policy is configured to route calls to Teams Direct Routing SBCs. The policy is automatically assigned to all Teams users, including Direct Routing, Calling Plan and Operator Connect users 
  • For both cases, create a user level Online Voice Routing policy. You can name it “DirectRoutingDefault” for example 
  • Copy the configuration of the Global (org-wide default) Online Voice Routing policy into the “DirectRoutingDefault” Online Voice Routing policy 
  • Create a second user level Online Voice Routing policy for testing. Name in “NonDRUsers”. 
  • This Operator Connect policy should not include any PSTN Usages. 
  • Assign the “DirectRoutingDefault” Online Voice Routing policy to all Teams Direct Routing users. 
  • I just removed PSTN from all Call Routing Policies
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