kubernetes Upgrade autoscaling/v2beta2

To get a list of Horizontal Pod Autoscalers in the cluster, use the following command: 

kubectl get hpa

No resources found in default namespace.

Stop Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster upgrades automatically on API breaking changes – Azure Kubernetes Service | Microsoft Learn

az aks update –name Clustername –resource-group XXXXXXX –enable-force-upgrade

az aks upgrade –name Clustername –resource-group XXXXXXX –kubernetes-version 1.26.12

#Example kubectl get hpa –all-namespaces -o=jsonpath=”{range .items[*]}{.apiVersion}`t{.kind}`t{.metadata.name}`n{end}”

kubectl get customresourcedefinitions –all-namespaces -o=jsonpath=”{range .items[*]}{.apiVersion}t{.kind}t{.metadata.name}`n{end}”

kubectl get apiservices –all-namespaces -o=jsonpath=”{range .items[*]}{.apiVersion}t{.kind}t{.metadata.name}`n{end}”

kubectl get ingresses –all-namespaces -o=jsonpath=”{range .items[*]}{.apiVersion}t{.kind}t{.metadata.name}`n{end}”

kubectl get deploy --all-namespaces -o yaml
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