Juniper Exam Revision Notes


Deploy vSRX – VMware Workstation

RE – Routing Engine

— Manages the PFE

— Maintins Routing Tables

— Manages the Packet Forwarding Engine

PFE – Packet Forward Engine

— Is incharge of Policing , Stateless Firewall Filtering and CoS implemented by forwarding plane

— Forarding Plane Central Procesing contains the PFE

They are seperated in Juniper ( Control and Forwarding Planes ) to benifit speed and reduce bottlenecks ->

– Forwarding table is stored on both

-Routing Table ( stored on Control Plane ) Populate Forwarding Table

–Import Policys filter items doing to Routing Table

Routing Policy

Must have a then doesn’t need a from

Juniper also split software processes in Modules

Same base source code for all Boxes

Ctrl-A = Left All

Ctrl-U = Delete All

Ctrl-W = Backspace

Default Location for Configs are in /home/user

Default Location for logs /var/logs/

WIP Config = Canidate Configurations

Active Config = After Commit

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