HP Digital Sender 9100c – Hard Disc error code 00000004 Hard disc has failed

If you receive this error on your HP Sender 9100c then your hard disk has either died or is on the way out , to resolve this issue you can either get the part already imaged with the HP OS on there : HP Part Number – C1316-69006 which can cost anywhere up to £200 or thanks to Bill ! You can now download the image files from here and load it onto a spare 40gig – 120 Gig IDE Hard Disk or one can be bought for around £60 In aid of his bandwidth , I have also hosted the images here : http://pariswells.com/upload/9100C_Image_1.rar and
http://pariswells.com/upload/9100C_Image_2.rar Image 1 will Extract to a 3 Gig .img File and Image 2 will extract to an 40 Gigabyte Image File. You will need to download WinRar for this Then download Self Image Here http://www.pariswells.com/upload/SelfImage-121.zip

Selfimage is pretty self-explanatory to use.
	1. Connect the HDD to an IDE port on your computer or through a USB to IDE Converter
	2. Start SelfImage.
	3. Under 'Input' select 'File' then point to the location of the image.
	4. Under 'Output' select 'Drive' then point to the drive letter of HDD.
	5. Click 'OK'. Thats about it. Once SelfImage is finished, remove the new HDD and put it in your 9100C. 

You may have to set the factory defaults on the DS on first boot. 

Shift+Alt+green key - Tools - "Factory defaults" - Ok

Make sure the hard disk has the right jumper setting on ( To Single/Master) otherwise it will display "Hard Disk Error FFFFFFF"

Here is the Software, administrators manual & service manual - http://pariswells.com/upload/HP_9100C.zip
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