How to update email Domain for iManage worksite communication server using 365

  1. Make sure you have a Send Connector in O365 so that I route all emails from your subdomain e.g. back to the Public IP where your Communication Server is , use the Router to NAT port 25 from this IP to the communication server and make sure SMTP is allowed through the local firewall

  2. Update the ‘Email Domain’ on the ‘WorkSite Server’ properties to ‘’ stop and start the ‘WorkSite Server’ service.

  3. Then update the ‘Domain’ in the communication server ‘Exchange Online’ properties to ‘’ stop and start the ‘Exchange Online’ service.

  4. The above will allow internal recipients to Send and File , if  wanting external recipients to be able to file emails to this server, make sure you create an MX Record for externally to route to your communications server ( preferably via your Spam Filter) 


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