How to Switch to new Delivery Controllers and Storefront Servers

  1. Upgrade existing Datacollectors
  2. Upgrade existing Storefront
  3. Add New Datacollectors to Cluster
  4. Add new Existing Storefronts to Replication Group
  5. Use DigiCert SSL tool to export and import Certificates from Old SF to New SF
  6. On a server change the DNS entry via localhost of the load balanced DNS Address point at one of the new SF Servers and test all working
  7. Move Storefront to new servers
  8. Move Delivery Controllers to new servers

  9. Change Internal Load Balancer

    Add a new Service group with new SF servers and make sure all Green

  10. Bind this to the new Virtual Server

  11. Change STA Servers for External
  12. Similarly the NetScaler itself is configured with the STA details. 

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