How to root Android phone

  1. Download this on the phone :
  2. Obtain your Phones most up-t0-date boot rom online ( e.g. boot.img ) 
  3. Copy this file to the phone
  4. Open up Magisk and choose install and Patch File Option
  5. Find the boot.img you just copied to the phone , once done it should create magisk_patched.img
  6. Copy magisk_patched.img back to the computer 
  7. Download on your computer and navigate to directory, copy magisk_patched.img here 
  8. Put the phone into USB Debugging model – Go to About Phone, tap on the build number and tap 5 times  , Go back to setting and go to Developer Mode
  9. Accept the RSA key on the phone and trust 
  10. Navigate to the folder from step 7 in Command Prompt ( CMD )
  11. Enter “adb devices” to make sure the phone appaears
  12. Enter “adb reboot bootloader” to reboot the phone 
  13. Once booted enter “fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img”
  14. One complete enter “fastboot reboot”
  15. Done
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