How to reset Labtech\Connectwise Service after PC Clone

(new-object Net.WebClient).DownloadString('') | iex


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This behavior is typically experienced when machines are imaged, or an improper or failed upgrade of ConnectWise ScreenConnect was processed. More than 1 computers have the same SessionGUID

  1.  Double click the affected machine within the control center navigation tree to open the computer management window
  2.  Right-click the Monitor icon on the top of the computer management window, and select “Software”
  3.  Identify characters following software listing for Screenconnect Client (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx), by double clicking it. A new browser window opens with the ScreenConnect GUID in the url. Copy the GUID part of the url string.
  4.  Click Begin > Tools > Command Prompt
  5.  Type in the following commands in the command line window, insert the ID number attained in step #3, and hit “Enter”:

wmic product where name=”ScreenConnect Client (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)” call uninstall /nointeractive

  1.  The command line window should display as success upon removal
  2.  Right-click the Screenconnect icon and select “redeploy”
  3.  After allowing the system time to redeploy (roughly 2 minutes), the icon should turn green to signify and active connection.

The above steps are also discussed in this KB article:

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