How to Mesh Aruba AP’s Wirelessly

Understanding Mesh Access Points (

Mesh Points

The mesh point (MP) is an Aruba AP configured for mesh and assigned the mesh point role. Depending on the AP model, configuration parameters, and how it was provisioned, the mesh point can perform multiple tasks. The mesh point provides traditional Aruba WLAN services (such as client connectivity, intrusion detection system (IDS) capabilities, user role association, LAN-to-LAN bridging, and Quality of Service (QoS) for LAN-to-mesh communication) to clients and performs mesh backhaul/network connectivity. A mesh radio can be configured to carry mesh-backhaul traffic only. Additionally, a mesh point can provide LAN-to-LAN Ethernet bridging by sending tagged/untagged VLAN traffic across a mesh backhaul/network to a mesh portal.

Mesh points use one of their wireless interfaces to carry traffic and reach the controller. Mesh points are also aware of potential neighbors and can form new mesh links if the current mesh link is no longer preferred or available.

The mesh point establishes an all-wireless path to the mesh portal. The mesh point provides traditional WLAN services such as client connectivity,IDS capabilities, user role association, and QoS for LAN-to-mesh communication to clients and performs mesh backhaul or network connectivity.”

One question I had , was if the Aruba AP is being powered by an PoE Injector ( which would make the Ethernet port live , would this effect the AP into thinking it had a Ethernet Uplink )

– ” if the AP boots and discovers the Ethernet link is down then it will auto configure the port as downlink. “

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