How to cope with 3 Million Hits in 24 hours

Recently had to help someone launch a site that was going to get significant traffic, estimates were 100,000 Global Visitors/hour. 

The site was going to be a simple one paralex site that redirected people to a newsletter for future communication. It was going to be written in wordpress with some plugins. After the developer showed me the site the page was loading at 3.3MB and took 10seconds network tools in chrome showed. This was actually mostly alot of JS files ( due to Plugins etc etc ) and a 400KB background image.

My first thought straight away was Cloudflare to help with the cache of this site around the world on their network and also for their awesome simple free tools e.g. Minify. Enabling Minify dropped the site down to 1.1mb and halved the load times. 

Next we installed Jetpack to help offload images to their CDN. 

The site was not actually going to be updated either so we enabled Static Content :

The backend of the site ran on normal webhosting , and we enabled loadbalancing on Cloudflare just in case one server was overloaded

Results : 



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